Winter Beauty, Part 2: Skin Care

Why wait? Here’s part two of my winter skin care routine – get inspired: simplify or develop your own fuss-free skin care rules in winter.


So now that we have our thatch stuffs sorted out (clickety-click!), it’s time to look at what our biggest organ is doing during winter months, and how to take care of our skin, body & face.winter-in-berlin-juxtapositionGuys, all of the following tips apply to you as much + the product picks are adequately neutral looking.

(Beware of such “manly” skin care like hydro gels and Co. in the moment. If you use them in winter, you could go and lick an iron fence as well.)

Wintertime is slow-mo time! – Isn’t it?

In winter, our metabolism is considered to slow down.
In fact, it doesn’t SLOW DOWN, it tends to SPEED UP.
As we walk outside in the cold, the metabolism is up and running you guys, burning calories like mad, and leaving us hungry like a bear. Newest research proves that children who play in the snow for 2 hours a day, can effectively burn the “bad” fat (unless mummy fills them up with transfats again, but hey, that’s not the researchers’ fault.)
On the other hand, staying indoors, indulging in heavy food and TV show marathons in winter does slow down your metabolism – our bodies adapt to the circumstances, totally oblivious of our desire to look fab on the beach a few months later.wintertime-beauty-openerSo, in order to stay fit you have to:
1. exercise and walk outside,
2. enjoy warming spices (pepper & cinnamon, chili & ginger, garlic & turmeric –
clickety-click for my fave turmeric drink recipe containing chili and ginger) and healthy seasonal vegetables (all sorts of root vegs, cabbage, pumpkins).
3. stay hydrated: it’s tough to wolf down liters of water on colder days, but let’s not be lured into “I don’t feel thirst” feeling – it’s just less sweating, but we still need water. I try to drink tisanes as often as I can.

{!!} Health alert:
If your body temperature noticeably drops, leaving you feeling sleepy, drowsy, weak for a longer time after being outside in the cold, it might be wise to check your thyroid. {x}

Now, what does the metabolism change mean for your skin?
In winter, our skin suffers: there are low temperatures; dry air and mechanically induced dryness from layered clothes; metabolism changes (your skin gets dry and dull or oily and grey-ish or even saggy when your metabolism goes down). Let’s see what we can do for our skin apart from exercise, hydration, and nutrition!

Protect what protects you

As usual, I have tried to reduce my product choice to the maximum.wintertime-skin-care-stapleWith just four products I’m going to show now in detail, I have managed to avoid chapped lips or hands, and dry skin all over.

Tip #1. Never take a shower/wash your face or hair before leaving the house. I know it sounds weird – we all are used to that shower in the morning – but unless you have hours ahead of you before your get out, don’t do that. Your skin will suffer immensely in the cold and lose an awful lot of moisture.”

Your skin exposed to wind and air (face, hands, especially lips) should never go unprotected – by an oil.cattier-beurre-de-cariteMy go-to solution is a tiny amount of pure and organic shea butter (right now it’s Cattier Beurre de Carité) applied to the face before I put on a light make-up; and even as a finishing touch – instead of a chapstick or lip gloss. In fact, a thicker coat is just as beautifully glossy (and you can spice it up with a tad of your fave lip stain), but since lipsticks can contain drying ingredients, I tend to play safe.

Tip #2: In the evening, try to not succumb to the cosyness of a superwarm shower. It’s extremely drying! Better have a mildly contrasting shower, and apply a little amount of an organic oil to wet skin: it will “seal in” the moisture and prevent you from getting paper-dry shins.”

If you’re using a natural creme deo, you know by now that it keeps you fresh for longer than 24 hours. So evenings are quite the right time to apply them.wintertime-wolkenseifenI love my cute organic Wolkenseifen darling!wintertime-ium-carrot-vite-creamAnother evening routine: apply a moisturiser. I use i+m Teint Refresh I’ve reviewed here. It helps to build up a nice, healthy complexion and while otherwise it’s smooth enough to be used as make-up base, I don’t take risks in winter.

Tip #3: Vitamin E capsules are your friend! Get a pure, high quality supplement in your fave drugstore or pharmacy, and use them to level up your natural skin care products – oils or lotions. I use it as addition to hand creams (cotton gloves + overnight treatment as described here), lip care, body lotions and night cream.”wintertime-vitamin-E


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  1. Lots of interesting tips here, you are a fountain of knowledge. I was particular interested, as I have dry sky, to read that leaving the house after a shower can lead to moisture loss.

    😉 😉

  2. Heather in Arles

    As always, I love that this is all common sense stuff. And not about the money. My skin has been unhappy this winter, so I definitely need to rethink (I know that I say that a lot!). Will look into the shea butter too–merci!

  3. your splendid wintertime suggestions (although as you know, Winter does not visit us on this Coast of this Country) reminds us of something a friend said the other day when we fell into talking about kale (tis los angeles after all) – “be careful of eating too much kale, it’s bad for your thyroid apparently now” she said.

    and we thought about it and then smiled.

    “oh well, that’s alright. we don’t have one of those anymore.”



    _tg xx

      1. personally we think thyroid issues are the new ME (or chronic fatigue) due to the pushing of synthroid by Big Pharma.

        our health insurance just refused to pay to continue letting us take ‘armour thyroid’ (natural hormone) and told us to take synthroid.


        that would be a NO.

        so we’re paying for it out of pocket (ironically cheaper than via insurance *sighs)

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