Winter Beauty, Part 1: Hair Care

Winter’s here, dear Adventurers! Finally the time & mood to bring you my “from Russia with love” skin care series. Let’s go!


If you’re new here (or have simply missed those posts/ forgotten about them), in this post I will refer to facts and tips for healthy, fuss-free, natural hair care as well as to my product choices and food advice already mentioned in the following posts:
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Guys, all of the following tips apply to your hair as well + the product picks are adequately neutral looking.
(And who doesn’t like a couple of bare breasts on their beauty product?)

Oily meets (ex)static

So. Beanies then, huh?

Know what? I hate wooly hats and any other “top gear”– anything you are forced to put on your noodle because it’s cold. These things, even the nice looking ones, ruin your hair style, make your hair roots go all oily and your hair tips static. Together with suddenly fogged glasses this makes you enter any warm room looking your White Walker blind-eyed, hair-flying best!white-walker-with-fogged-glasses1. The easiest remedy is: comb your hair well after washing. This will spread the right amount of natural oil down to the hair tips. You won’t need a lot of product really – the key is to simplify your routine. I only need these three products and a shampoo. Easy!winter-hair-care-fave-products-organic2. Use a mild, organic scalp tonic to prevent the roots from going oily, it works great! Just rub in gently after your hair wash or in-between, and let dry.
3. To make your hair smoother and more manageable, it’s broccoli seed oil to the rescue (deets here).
4. Even if it feels like the easiest thing to do, don’t wash daily! This will make your scalp even more oily. Try a dry shampoo – but before your hair goes greasy. This will help maintain your mane fresh.lulu-organics-winter-hair-care

Dry and itchy scalp, limp hair, flat hair (“volume? What volume?”)

Here’s the other extreme: scalp going itchy, hair hanging down lifelessly. Beeeee-yoooooo-teeeee-ful.

1. You might be not drinking enough water/ having a Vitamin deficiency.
It’s an easy task in summer, but who likes cold water in winter?
Switch to tisanes – ideally mild detox formulas, refreshing or invigorating sweet balm, lavender, thyme, anise…
An unbalanced diet shows, too: if you eat junk, your body’s cells can’t really work with the water you drink. So make sure you get enough and balanced fatty acids with your food.

2. My best time-tested beauty advice: protect your scalp prior to washing. Thirty minutes in advance, massage your scalp with fingers dipped in a pure virgin oil. I use broccoli seed oil, yes, it’s a favourite, but any other “lightweight”, pure oil will do; coconut and olive oil might be too heavy.broccoli-seed-oil-winter-hair-care3. For more volume, it’s crucial to follow a proper diet and to protect the skin area where those limp tresses grow from. (So follow steps 1 and 2.)hair-care-and-styling-in-winterAny volume product will leave residue in your already weak-looking hair, and make it look even more sad. If you pick a wrong product, it might look good for a couple days, but it can also dry out your hair or even make it brittle in the freezing cold. Trust me.

4. Styling advice from somebody who spends half of the year with their head in a motorcycle helmet: Volume is overrated.
Leave volume to the days when no hats are in sight.
If you have long hair, #2 works well with a loose braid/French braid, and bland hairdo is no issue anymore.
Short hair doesn’t need anything at all in the lenghts, but a small jar of shea butter in your pocket will double as clean and super-natural hair wax to define a fancy spike here and lenghts get their style upgrade from a nice piece of easy, stylish hair jewellery that you can wear in your pocket.


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  1. Love these tips, and I’m with Crafty – massaging the scalp sounds blissful, especially if you can coax somebody else to do it 😉 . Looking forward to skin advice…my hands have gone all papery in the cold.

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