Beautycalypse Featured in: Amia Online, Women Around the World

Shameless self-promotion? Nah. This really turned out an entertaining and authentic interview. Read on!

Dear Adventurers, I was quite chuffed as Jan, the editor of Amia Online, a UK-based monthly online magazine, approached me with this interview idea. Discover why Beautycalypse was created and how I see “my” Berlin. amia-online-women-around-the-worldI love how they picked meaningful quotes from my answers and placed them in the right column to accompany the article. And here’s the link: CLICK TO READ.

My tip: read the article NOW as long as it’s free to read. Later it will be hiding behind the login-and-pay-wall. Modern publishing, you guys! xoroses-bloom-close-up-blurred

10 responses to “Beautycalypse Featured in: Amia Online, Women Around the World

    • thank you love! I’m blushing! #nailedthepun #ohno #godImhorriblewithpuns

      I think they did a beautiful job with the other quotes as well. nice to feel “understood” by the editors 🙂

      p.s. btchz&hlgns is brooooooding…

      • HA! you did 😉

        speaking of bitches & hooligans how did that drawing turn out?!

        Also, things have been nutty over in my corner of the interweb, but I’m still working on that razor blade piece. Hoping to have something intelligent put together before end of month 🙂

        • @ B&H – oh I will share as time comes
          *with a mysterious look*whispers* sooooon…

          @ as for nutty, same here! I wonder what’s going on here. january kicked my shins with tons of things to do and a crazy lot of work (kinda good in a way, but left me seriously breathless) – or maybe it’s more adequate to say: it kicked my non-existent nuts!

          I’m on fire with readlly awful puns, bear with me please…

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