Skin Care: Good Habits for Your Gym Workout * Fitness Habits #2

“Exercise” is a New Year’s resolutions staple. And these good habits will help you stay committed by removing a lot of sources of beauty frustration!

I don’t know much about training, admittedly, but I know a thing or two about avoiding beauty-related frustration. Before I’ve committed to those good workout skin care habits, I had additional battles to fight: skin dryness, allergic reactions out of “nowhere”, even headaches and of course breakouts.

Let’s detox the sports bag and the gym routines today, shall we?


Left to right: Sanitising spray (certified organic quality); organic Wolkenseifen deo; Sea Buckthorn Shower Gel, Weleda. Backdrop: my yoga blocks and free weights.

1. Don’t use anti-perspirants.
Apart from brimming with toxins (a random search on codecheck reveals ingredients like isobutane, propane, petrochemicals, BHT, undisclosed ‘fragrances’, and of course aluminum chlorohydrate / aluminum zirconium pentachlorohydrate) what they do is preventing skin from sweating. But if you are really working out, not just walking about the place looking for a date, sweat is a good thing. If your sweat can kill a bear, check and change your diet (long-term strategy) and use a tox-free deo like this one or its DIY version; otherwise just let it flow! It’s a gym for heaven’s sake. And it’s air-conditioned anyway.
2. Don’t fall for the conventional sporty-looking shower products.
I had a look (again, on codecheck) into the products, and there was not a single “green” one marketed as a sports product. All products I checked contained harsh detergents that will dry out your skin (which is sweating and being exposed to air-conditioning anyway!), unidentifyable ‘fragrance’, and even toxic sunblockers. How can a sunblocker help in a shower gel? In a gym? That’s beyond me.
If you need a shower gel with a refreshing fragrance, I suggest you look for clean, mild, certified organic and lipid balancing shower gels with citrusy flavours.
A favourite of mine are the lipid balancing Weleda Sea Buckthorn and Citrus shower gels.
3. Ladies and gentlemen (we’re unbiased), don’t work out with your makeup on.
“Although it’s been said many times, many waaaaaaays…” – merry Christmas to you if you work out painted!
Either remove it while you take a shower (keep reading: good habits) or get good, tox-free makeup-remover tissues.
A fave of mine is this product: vegan and certified organic Santé Goji Face Cleansing Tissues. My true travel companion, tox-free and effective – and the best pick to wipe your face while you’re working out. Better than that towel that sits in your bag for weeks. Eeks, eeks, eeks…
4. Get toxin-free disinfectant wipes.
Don’t just go for a drugstore standard or the tissues/spray/whatnot that the gym offers. Check out the sanitising products in the organic products shop/online shop you trust.

Now that we’ve detoxed your sports bag, it’s time for more action.


1. Take a shower before you work out. Choose a lipid balancing shower gel to protect your skin and a mild natural deo (view above).
2. Depending on what your sport is, get clean, fresh towels and/or hygienic wipes to put your hands/face to. If doing yoga/Pilates, bring your own mat.
3. When working out on machines, wipe where you touch them before you work out.
Or do I have to paint you a picture?
4. Take a shower and wash your hair after your workout.
5. Apply a lightweight, moisturising body oil and face oil – or whatever good stuff you use. I suggest getting travel sized products and keeping them refilled.
6. Empty your bag as soon as you can to wash your clothes, your towels, cleanse your shoes. When people enter the changing room you can smell tell whose stuff dries in their sports bag.good-habits-workoutI like how these simple rules make workout much more enjoyable. Even though I have stopped going to an actual gym, I follow religiously all the tips when training at home or travelling, or when booking a specific training / workshop.

How are your resolutions doing?
Is “exercise” one of them?


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  1. Nice post with good advice 🙂

    I actually found a green sporty shower gel: It’s the Cattier Sport Shower Gel 2 in 1, which has a nice revitalizing peppermint scent and be used as both shower gel and shampoo.

  2. Din

    When I visited the last a studio I was really horrified! I usually take two towels with me, one to sit on, one for the back. Everyone else around me? Just looking weird what I was doing with the towels. They had nothing. This is so…

    Thanks for the reminder with the make-up 😀 and the deo.

  3. 😦 Sad face, no. But, on the bright side, I was excited to see Sea Buckthorn products in the Healthstore. Products meaning capsules; but that’s a start.

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