5 Beauty Resolutions For Overcoming Breakouts * Clean Beauty Rut #8

Follow these simple beauty habits to obtain better looking, healthier skin (and possibly improve your health).

“In your face!”

Just to make it clear: we are not talking teenage acne here, we’re talking adult skin that breaks out and is resistant (it seems) to any treatment.
So, when it comes to such breakouts that are seemingly coming out of nowhere, what do we blame?
Chocolate? A Bridget-Jones-y love life and lifestyle? Stress?
Forget those.
Let’s chase down the sneaky and surprising ones, the real culprits! 

Resolution #1: Keep your phone clean

We’re told these days that acne and Co. are not signs of bad hygiene. Well, maybe not bad body hygiene. But you’d never believe how many people forget this proven fact:
The germs found on (smart)phone touchscreens are only outnumbered by the germ populations found in public toilets! How gross is that?clean-touchscreenHOW TO: A fine tissue and some rubbing alcohol (I use alcohol spray from an organic foods store on my iPhone and iPad without any problems) will do the job.
Don’t use standard drugstore desinfectants though – chances are they hide toxic compounds, cancirogens (propellants), and/or allergens (flagrance, pigments) under their labels.

Resolution #2: Don’t forget the obvious

We all change our underwear daily, but when it comes to gloves, scarves, wallets and handbags, people tend to get oblivious.
As weeks go by, we seem to be forgetting just how often we have really worn this or that scarf or shawl. However, it’s in constant contact with your skin, it’s in contact with unwashed hands (when you take it off in public, in a café, or at home)…walletAnd it doesn’t hurt to wash your gloves and to clean your bag, while you’re at that.
Same germs that rock your smartphone touchscreen romp about on every surface that you’re “in touch” with often: bag handles, gloves, wallets….
What about those cute and fashionable pillows on your sofa that you lay your face on? How clean are those?gerbera-sinkP.P.S.
While at that: It’s a good idea to check your laundry liquid for potential irritants or allergens.

Resolution #3: Know yourself & indulge in anti-inflammatory foods

If you face recurring itchy/painful, nasty breakouts that tend to last, to meander and to leave blackheads and scars behind, it might be the right time to get your allergy test and to check if you have food intolerances.
Lactose intolerance and several food allergies can show as acne-like skin conditions. Our bodies are highly complex systems, and not even doctors can know everything (let alone The Internet), but it might be wise. Just in case.cut-blood-orangesAnd once you have the knowledge about your individual condition, it’s easy to develop an individual “anti-inflammatory diet”.
{!} If apart from sudden breakouts, you have symptoms like:
– Dark under-eye circles
– Dry, scaly skin
– Weak hair that lost all bounce and shine/ or plain ol’ hair loss
– Puffyness around your eyes
– Difficulties concentrating, memory loss, fatigue, anxiety that are not typical for you
– Cold hands and feet/ low basal body temperature
– Hardcore PMS and/or fertility issues
– and more other symptoms that your doctor needs to ask you about, you should consider getting your thyroid checked. A word of hard-earned advice though: don’t rely on blood tests only. Quite often, while the body’s balance of thyroid hormones is disturbed, the blood test comes out ok. Yes, I know. WTF, right?
But it has to do with how thyroid hormones are released and transformed in our system, and is something a doctor must know. Otherwise, get yourself a better one.
Remember please, this is not a medical advice place here, I’m not a doctor; but sometimes beauty problems are real symptoms. I can’t emphasize that enough.
Never rely on advice from the Internet, get informed, and find a good doctor. („Good“ as in specialist, not good as in nice!)
For a comprehensive list on even more beauty „flaws“ that can be warning signs and symptoms, you might want to read this article by Sonja of LifeInBlush.

Resolution #4: Check the ingredients

You surely have heard of the term „comedogenic“/„non-comedogenic“?
This term means „clogs up the pores“/„doesn’t clog up the pores“.
While it is known and documented which natural and synthetic ingredients are and which are not comedogenic, it’s not regulated. Consequence? Sometimes a face cream or foundation labelled „non-comedogenic“ will contain silicones, petrochemichals or even natural oils that will definitely end up brand new blackheads.coarse-textureTo make matters worse, the reaction to natural oils is highly individual. Some people develop breakouts, some don’t. You might react on one day, and it passes unnoticed another day. C’est la vie.
Now while organic beauty products don’t contain synthetics (I’m thinking certified cosmetics of course), there are natural ingredients that do clog up pores.
However, if you try to research which natural ingredients are considered comedogenic, you’ll end up slightly confused; there are very contradictory lists and opinions.
Read more about: Natural oils that are potentially beneficial – or potentially comedogenic..
So, what’s to do? Well, I think there’s no other way than to pull a Sherlock and study meticulously the ingredients of cosmetics you suspect can get in contact with the affected skin area: foundation, eye cream, body lotion, hand lotion, lip balm, leave-in hair conditioner…

Resolution #5: Double-cleanse when wearing makeup

When it comes to make-up removal, I am with Greg House: “Everybody lies.” 
Chances are, you are NOT removing your make-up thoroughly.
Chances are, when you say it’s off, and would wipe your face with a cotton pad soaked in make-up-remover, it will belie your promise.remove-makeup-properlyI have committed to double-cleansing long ago. It’s just what the name suggests: a two-step cleansing. First comes an oil massage (or a massage with a creamy cleanser), then I wash my face with a liquid soap and a Konjac sponge or give it a very gentle rub with a musslin cloth. Yes, it’s extra five or ten minutes. No, they’re not wasted.

So, do you have any tips for breakout-prone skin? Something that worked for you? Something that never worked for you? Stupid advice you received? Obnoxious snake oil you’ve been offered? Do tell!

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  5. Agh. I dropped my iPad when I read the part about devices being as dirty as public loos. Agh!

  6. I used to have terrible adult acne; the best treatment seemed to be a wash with bottled mineral water. No problems now. Thank goodness. But I do agree about keeping our fingers etc clean because most of us are forever touching our faces for one reason or another.

    • I’m glad it resolved. Adult acne is really embarrassing.
      And it’s really the best way, always wise to remove potential allergens or irritants, and then go from there. Simply slap on some antiseptic/antibiotic cream is not the solution. In fact, I once had a prescription for a lotion and the antisbiotic in it had the most horrible side effects, even if applied topically. It could’ve sent me into a koma! :/

      • The doctor wanted me to take antibiotics, low dose, for ever and ever but I couldn’t do it. Didn’t even start them. And the cream was a waste of time, too. Later I switched from bottled water to warm, boiled water and ,eventually, it all just vanished as mysteriously as it had arrived.

        • mystery is better than antibiotics.
          maybe back then something was in the water. even tiny amounts are enough if we’re reactive for one reason or another.