The Key To Most Attractive Complexion

…is science. And carrots. But science got the proof. Ladies and gents, here comes the craziest and simplest beauty hack for you.

complexion-carotenoidsImagine the following dialogue:
A: “British scientists discovered that diet-induced carotenoid skin colouration is perceived as the most attractive.”
B: *mental image of sunbed ‘carotenoids‘*

A: “Well, apparently they mean a light yellow tone you get from eating food rich in carotenoids, not the carrot-like complexion you obtain by slowly baking in your own sweat in a tanning apparatus.”

It’s legit, ladies and gents:
a 2013 study from a team of scientists and researchers proved that we subconsiously consider yellowish complexions that are obtained by eating food rich in carotenoids healthier and thus, more attractive.
Here’s the link to the study >>> click!

Mirror, Mirror on The Wall, Who’s The Yellowest of Them All?

That’s an interesting fact to think about, right?
Since that’s what we beauty mavens are hearing and saying: undertones here, undertones there.
 However, most of us are well aware that undertones can change with health conditions, medications – just a note: we’re not talking suntan here.
 So, help yourself to that irresistible glow whether you’re pale as a white rose or dark as ebony.rainbow-melonCarotenoids help fight that grey-ish, unhealthy look we sometimes experience in late winter.
What to eat to get the glowwww:
Eating a balanced mix of pumpkins, carrots, persimmons, watermelons and papayas, mangos and tomatoes, spinach and apricots, paprika and oranges, kale and corn will do the trick.


Makeup-wise, we also know the power of yellow powder in artificial light: dusted as finish helps you look healthier when exposed to bright, cold, unnatural lighting.everyday-minerals-color-correctors-mint-sunlight(I’ve reviewed a set of Everyday Minerals mineral powders here, and the review includes SUNLIGHT, a yellow colour corrector powder that’s just perfect for the job. And for covering up purple-ish undereye circles, but that’s another story.)

This study also gives us green light, thumbs up, whatever you call it to use carotene-enriched skin care, for example the vegan and organic i+m Teint Refresh Creme Carrot + Vitamin E reviewed here. This nice potion is beneficial especially for winter skin, fights dry skin and dull complexion, while it’s definitely NOT make-up.ium-teint-refresh-creme2…and I just love the minimalist, gender-neutral packaging of it. Don’t you?


Personally, I embrace a study that proves how beauty comes from within. But that’s been food.

Now, British scientists dear, can we next get a study that proves that kind and fair people are deemed more attractive, please? 😉

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  1. “…and I just love the minimalist, gender-neutral packaging of it. Don’t you?”

    YES! and the indescribably Yummy fragrance and creme fraiche consistency which is ever so nice.

    you are a delightful human sending us a parcel of it.


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