A sneak peek into what I would like to explore in 2014. Let’s get it started!

So here it is, year 2014. What a milestone!

I just looked into my older agendas and realised it’s a very milestone-y time of year for me, in terms of changes, ethics, and life or lifestyle decisions. Just have a look at the latest five:
>Registered with WordPress 5 years ago with the idea to maybe start a proper blog again one day.
>Established my signature haircut and delivered my first speech (on marketing tie-ins for small luxury businesses and retail, online and off) 4 years ago.
>Had my first “as vegan as it gets” Christmas/New Year 3 years ago.
>Started a brand new career 2 years ago.
>And – Beautycalypse has begun to evolve one year ago.

I like this development 😀welcome2014


Now, in 2014, to make my life more green & gorgeous (or elegant & ethical? Gosh, I LUV alliterations!) I plan:
> to obtain perfect skin following my personal nutritional plan, (gluten-free, dairy-free, and mostly vegan),
> to groove and to share a few beauty-“hack” and of course lifehack tutorials (like this one),
> to put together a product guide of the healthiest, cleanest, most ethical beauty and lifestyle products that exist, a step in this direction are the posts tagged “in my beautycase“: it’s a keeper if it’s made it to that tag!
> and to find stunning and ethical (fair; sustainable; non-tox; vegan) bags, shoes, hosiery, underwear, gloves, hats and moto gear. (Am I missing out on something? Do tell!)
– are you with me on those challenges? Are you ready?

I hope you are 🙂

25 replies on ““New Year’s Resolutions? Why, It’s 2048 x 1536!”

  1. I wish you so well with your 2014 challenges and I hope the coming year is a very happy and healthy one for you. BTW I love the idea of obtaining perfect skin so I will follow your progress with great interest. 😉

    1. thank you, dear!
      oh, and one step to perfect skin is “beauty food” – keep your eyes open, there’s an email coming next 😉

  2. Fantastic list! Looking forward to those bags! Fake leather bags are, for the most part, just so ugly!

    1. yes!!! yes, they are, and either screaming “cheap” or being overpriced and still looking ‘weird’ if you know what I mean.

    1. woohoo 😀
      thanks, sweetheart.

      I just discovered you have a jade roll 🙂 I had one too, but my mum was like “you don’t need it, you’re way too young, give me”. and off she went 😀

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