“New Year’s Resolutions? Why, It’s 2048 x 1536!”

A sneak peek into what I would like to explore in 2014. Let’s get it started!

So here it is, year 2014. What a milestone!

I just looked into my older agendas and realised it’s a very milestone-y time of year for me, in terms of changes, ethics, and life or lifestyle decisions. Just have a look at the latest five:
>Registered with WordPress 5 years ago with the idea to maybe start a proper blog again one day.
>Established my signature haircut and delivered my first speech (on marketing tie-ins for small luxury businesses and retail, online and off) 4 years ago.
>Had my first “as vegan as it gets” Christmas/New Year 3 years ago.
>Started a brand new career 2 years ago.
>And – Beautycalypse has begun to evolve one year ago.

I like this development 😀welcome2014


Now, in 2014, to make my life more green & gorgeous (or elegant & ethical? Gosh, I LUV alliterations!) I plan:
> to obtain perfect skin following my personal nutritional plan, (gluten-free, dairy-free, and mostly vegan),
> to groove and to share a few beauty-“hack” and of course lifehack tutorials (like this one),
> to put together a product guide of the healthiest, cleanest, most ethical beauty and lifestyle products that exist, a step in this direction are the posts tagged “in my beautycase“: it’s a keeper if it’s made it to that tag!
> and to find stunning and ethical (fair; sustainable; non-tox; vegan) bags, shoes, hosiery, underwear, gloves, hats and moto gear. (Am I missing out on something? Do tell!)
– are you with me on those challenges? Are you ready?

I hope you are 🙂


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  1. I wish you so well with your 2014 challenges and I hope the coming year is a very happy and healthy one for you. BTW I love the idea of obtaining perfect skin so I will follow your progress with great interest. 😉

    • thank you, dear!
      oh, and one step to perfect skin is “beauty food” – keep your eyes open, there’s an email coming next 😉

  2. Fantastic list! Looking forward to those bags! Fake leather bags are, for the most part, just so ugly!

    • woohoo 😀
      thanks, sweetheart.

      I just discovered you have a jade roll 🙂 I had one too, but my mum was like “you don’t need it, you’re way too young, give me”. and off she went 😀