What do You wish for Christmas? A solemn, festive, silent night? Or a merry family celebration? Or to be left alone? 

Whatever it be, I wish you a wonderful Christmas time!

I’m delighted and happy that you have found this little corner of the web. Having a somewhat greener Christmas this year myself (vegan, planned meals; no excess wrappings; beautiful eco printed greeting cards or lovely PaperlessPost) let me wish you a truly beautiful Season!merry-christmasAnd if you are not in the best of Christmas moods, try to enjoy the time of year for how much slower… quieter… and cosier the world gets.

Do you remember staring in the sky at night right into the falling glittering snowflakes as a child, feeling like you’re flying? This is perfect Christmas mood to me; a silent meditation at the wonders that hide everywhere if we only allow ourselves to a slower pace and a moment of quiet, happy solitude.snow-archiveSince it doesn’t snow here (feels like springtime at +8°C), I have looked in my archives and found a 2010 photo of snowflakes dancing their way down beautifully – just for you 🙂

Warmest wishes, Dear Adventurers!

17 replies on “Merry Christmas, Adventurers!

  1. My Christmas was greener too. All recycled paper and ribbon; vegan wine; recycled presents (mostly); made those cute little gift card discs you suggested…hugely successful 🙂 ; some home-grown food and no wastage of food. Yay! Thanks for inspiring me to do better 🙂

    1. oh this is fabulous news! I hope you enjoyed the feeling of not only having a great festive time but also knowing it was a truly g_o_o_d one.

      1. If you peek carefully in to my photo on my latest post you will see my version of the Christmas tag; highly successful ; made from an old Christmas card with a few freshwater pearls on the ribbon.

    1. thank you! I hope your festive days are a blast and wish you a happy and prosperous 2014.
      I will contemplate on 2013 and also post a few suggestions for NYE these days, but I realise you’ll see it in 2014 only. oh blogs, you are time machines 😉

  2. A very, very quiet Christmas here too.
    Wishing you a beautiful one, my wonderful beauty warrior friend!
    Gros bisous,

    1. ooooh, that sounds wonderful. you surely have a bit of a white christmas over there? (sayyessayyes!…) over here it’s a whopping +9°c, look&feel of april.

      1. as we do not live in a Doorman Building (on this Coast), sometimes we have to go and pick up packages from the delivery people themselves – so we’ll await a Note On the Door telling us where the package resides, temporarily 😉

        1. berlin isn’t exactly a doorman-spoilt city 🙂 very democratic. I won’t lie; it’s changing quickly though.

          1. once lived in a building where the doorman crew were clearly the younger-cousins-of-mafioso – lots of brooding looks and “my cousin could sort that for you” if you ever had a problem *backedawaygently*

            1. gosh. it reminds me of an older two and a half men ep where the main punchline evolves around “take care of your mother” 😉

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