Have A Beautiful Fourth Sunday in Advent… And A Cuppa!

Green tea: a health & beauty elixir. Boost its benefits by enjoying a warm(ing) vegan matcha latte!

Poison green yet brimmed with natural, over-the-top-good-for-you antioxidants. Try to get certified organic quality from Japan. Matcha is not a protected product and you could get just any other powdered tea. Which you don’t want to.

When I first tried a matcha latte, it was a milk-based drink – and I nearly threw up. And I was drinking milk back then. Baaaa-haack then. But the taste of an intense green tea paired with the buttery, fatty flavour of 3% milk was too unpleasant even to that younger omnivore-me.matcha-tea-cupsThis year, going further and further into the wondrous rabbit hole of vegan food, I thought to give it another try. Here’s why: it’s three times richer in beneficial antioxiant EGCG, of chlorophyll and of catechins than standard green tea. It’s even richer in antioxidants than blueberries. Not to cause any confusion – you can drink your matcha as is. But I found that a vegan matcha latte is a real comfort drink for winter, pretty much like hot chocolate. And so:

Winter is coming: drink matcha! 😀

A Wikipedia article summing up all health research done on EGCG for your information: click!

You need a few accessoires, the most basic being a chasen, a bamboo whisk, and a cup you can actually whisk your tea in. After having tried all vegan milk options out there, I found that a mix of rice milk and coconut milk adds just the right amount of natural, sugar-free sweetness to the ‘umami’ taste of a good matcha. Also: all the benefits of coconut milk, hello? Who’s there calling my name? Yes, you do, yes – you do! Nomnom…chasenAnd hey, if you’re running out of Christmas present ideas you could fetch tomorrow, why not go to your local tea shop and get somebody this exotic – yet growing in popularity – gift of health? See: problem solved.

And today: have a cuppa and a wonderful Sunday, Adventurers! The days just started getting longer.


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