Review: Logona Creme Shampoo Bambus – Gluten-Free, Palm Oil Free

A certified organic, gluten-free shampoo based on my *favourite* hair care ingredient. Is this the happy end of my Shampoo Quest?

It seems impossible to find a perfect shampoo 😦
My criteria?

Certified organic (health, ethics and environment)
Sans harsh detergents (health, ethics and environment)
Sans palm oil and derivatives (ethical point of view)
Sans hydrolyzed wheat protein (allergy)
Sans aloe vera (allergy)
Vegan (health, ethics and environment)

Now here’s the trouble. If they’re organic and vegan, they’re based on hydrolyzed wheat protein (an allergen) or unsustainable palm oil (by no means a vegan, conscious, or ethical option!); if they’re free of hydrolyzed wheat protein and vegan, they’re full of synthetic nasties; if they’re free of unsustainable palm oil AND of hydrolyzed wheat protein – guess what, they’re not vegan. Quite often, they’re not affordable.

And while I’m all in for spending cash in the name of good & green, a brand that asks more than €10 for a 200ml plastic shampoo bottle? Come on. Margins are astronomical in hair care. And in specs, but that’s another story.”

But a girl and her S.O. gotta wash their hair.

And – to be perfectly honest with you – after days spent in the frantic search of a goddarn organic shampoo without palm oil and hydrolyzed wheat protein, I admit that all I saw was light in the end of the bloody tunnel: A clean, perfect, organic and affordable goodness based on, wait for it: broccoli seed oil – Logona Creme Shampoo Bambus!..
(Oh, have you missed my raving about broccoli seed oil? Here are both posts with tips on hair health and obtaining a pretty shiny thatch >>> 5 x 2 Hair Care Tips + Broccoli Seed Oil Magic)

It wasn’t until later, when I stood in the shower and held the bottle in my hand, that I realised: this light was the train, well – for the silk worms. Gulp: silk protein… 😦
(If you’re wondering what this fuzz is about, check out this >>> The Trouble With Silk.)

Later on, guilty but with washed and bouncy hair, frustrated but codechecking, I discovered that Logona Baby Shampoo is just as clean, organic, affordable but also vegan. But then, they didn’t have that line in the shop. Duh!
I’m that short of making my own shampoo!


Coming in a plastic bottle (200 ml, approx. €7), Logona Creme Shampoo Bambus ingredients list reads:
Aqua (Water), Coco Glucoside, Bio Alcohol, Glycerine, Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Brassica Oleracea Italica (Broccoli) Seed Oil, Sodium PCA, Glyceryl Oleate, Xanthan Gum, Bambusa Vulgaris (Extract), Arginine, Hydrolyzed Silk, Parfum (Essential Oils), Phytic Acid, Citric Acid, Citral, Limonene, Linalool – from essential oils. Certified with BDIH and Natrue.logona-creme-shampoo-bambusThe shampoo has a citrusy-sweet, unobtrusive smell and a pleasant creamy texture. It doesn’t leave hair “squeaky clean” (squeaky  is always a bad sign – meaning your hair is ripped of any protective fat film), but due to the added broccoli seed oil hair is manageable and smooth when wet, and soft and shiny when dry. In fact, it’s a shame I can’t use it for ethical reasons: this shampoo is really good.logona-creme-shampoo-bambus-ingredientsNow I plan to test their clean & vegan baby shampoo next – and to write them and politely ask for a 100% vegan broccoli seed rooted formula.

Adventurers, What do you think? 

17 Comments on “Review: Logona Creme Shampoo Bambus – Gluten-Free, Palm Oil Free

    • here’s a true story, I have once collected about €650 (!!!) in the savings jar (we were simply putting aside all non-german euro / cent coins during a year, and it became more of a game who finds more!)

  1. Oh booo! I was just ready to try this because I bought a Melvita shampoo and oddly it does leave my hair squeaky clean–and I bought the type for extra dry hair!
    Let the quest continue…

    • so sorry 😦
      quick fix: you can “wash backwards” and apply a hair oil first. this will protect hair and skin from detergents!

    • whoa, I certainly love their product filters! need to check it out in january. will be ordering quite a few “exotic” cosmetics, well, exotic in terms of “not in stores in Ger” 😉 thank you!

      • All their products are in our supermarkets. I do use some of their stuff but that is the first time in a while that I have looked at their website and they have made some improvements to it eg they are giving much more product information now. They are obviously taking the palm oil issue seriously, perhaps because, a while back, one of our big chocolate manufacturers suffered a serious set back in consumer demand when they introduced palm oil in to their chocolate.

        • and they should. there is rainforest being burned down daily, animals going extinct, indigenous people losing their ground. it’s a horrific, horrific crime what the unsuspicious consumer is made accomplice of :/

    • whoa! that sounds crazy good.
      gets right onto my shopping list for january (gulp.)

      I was SO happy to find an organic shampoo with broccoli oil. so, so, so happy.