Gift cards and certificates: a tricky present. Even if they’re on someone’s wishlist, wrapping them seems a nightmare. Seemed. Follow me!

Adventurers, I admit: I actually love gift cards. Well, provided they are for a store I practically live in, from A(mazingy) to Z(azzle) and a lot of other options – geek, beauty or creative – in between. So when a friend tells me they want an Etsy gift certificate because they found a fancy seller, no problem.


I’ve done a lot of gift certificate wrapping in my life, from gag to fancy, from lockets to picture frames. Nothing is alluring in the standard packaging the stores offer. This, my friends, really says “Dang, I had no other idea, old chap!” No. This sums up all that’s deemed wrong with gift certificates – mindless, loveless, spent no time thinking. But there is another, cool way to present those! And it’s even sustainable. And it caters for a little surprise which, in times of wishlists and “having everything”, is well worth extra 10 minutes of your time.

The best part: This wrapping I show you today totally works with presents for friends, relatives, and colleagues and bosses alike – all you need is to pick the right gift card AND the right…


We’ll need not more than 10 minutes and the following keepworthy materials for wrapping:
A cute notebook (knock yourself out: from posh Smythson to soft recycled paper)
A bit of satin ribbon (maybe “recycled” from your last shopping tour?)
A bit of cardstock matching the notebook (again, look up fancy paper you might be sitting on sans noticing)
Paper glue or (better) double-sided adhesive
Scissors, lead pencil, and a ruler

And the gift certificate.

Now the steps:
Measure the gift certificate, or cautiously draw around it on a piece of cardstock.
Lay the gift certificate aside.
Adding 1 cm on the left and the right side of the certificate measurements, cut out the rectangular shape.
Fold 1 cm on the left, 1 on the bottom and 1 on the right to obtain a pocket.
Cut out small triangles on both lower edges (to facilitate bending and glueing).
Put the gift certificate into this pocket and find the right place where to glue it in the notebook. You’ll also be able to see if the certificate slips in and out easily.
If it looks good, glue the pocket to the notebook. I really love double-sided adhesive, it glues perfectly and in no time. If you’re using glue, this is your time for a short tea the pocket is sitting where it should, put in the certificate (make sure to glide it between the cardstock bits, not between the notebook and the glued part though).DIY-golden-pouch-for-a-gift-card2
Enjoy how good it looks!
Next, close the notebook and secure with your satin ribbon. NB: With gorgeous ribbons, simple knots rule.
In my example, I am working with an Etsy gift card – it comes as a JPG, so I printed it at home and put it into a notebook with a faux cover. It pretends to be an edition of The Interpretation of Dreams, by S. Freud. A lovely gag, isn’t it?gift-card-in-a-notebook

And these fancy golden gift tags? Upcycling and a fancy punch, my friends…

Totally works as a not-too-DIY-ed wrapping for money presents, too!



5 replies on “Christmas DIY: Giving Gift Cards In Style

  1. Totally awesome. Solves the problem of what to give my nephews. Hooray. By the way, thinking about how we purchase things these days, mostly with plastic….do credit card companies have eco-friendly cards? What happens to all those chips embedded in the
    cards when we throw them out on expiry?

    1. none I know of. AFAIK: PE is the card material; the chips can be recycled.

      there are a few ethical banks emerging but I doubt their cards are made of recycled paper and unicorn lashes 😉

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