Festive and Tox-Free Gemstone Look: With Suncoat “Lovely Lapis”

A new addition to my water-based nail polish stash: Suncoat, peelable polishes. Made in Canada, it’s so far the easiest water-based pal I could find.

Some water-based polishes come together with a whole philosophy: prep the nails to wear polish, soak the nails to get rid of polish – boring and time-consuming.
And so far, I was really content with (most of the) Scotch Naturals polishes. But once I saw Suncoat in one of my fave online shops, it was a) curiosity and b) the colour (“Lovely Lapis”) that totally got me.suncoat-polish-and-peel-blue


The “Peelables” range by Suncoat is designed to be – you guessed it – peeled. You need no prepping. The only thing I find I needed was topcoat, but the little fella went along fantastically with “On The Rocks” (Scotch Naturals top coat).

A closer look at the ingredients reveals water and acrylic copolymer. Depending on colour, the polish may contain following pigments (Suncoat claims that they’re all mineral, in which case the carmine must be an |aluminum salt erratum: occurred while editing this text; it should be:| azo dye and not the bug-based pigment): mica, iron oxides, titanium dioxide, chromium oxide green, ultramarines, ferric ferrocyanide, carmine. festive-blueThe whole range of “Peelables” comes in 8 shades, about €8.50 each: intense sapphire blue “Lovely Lapis”, pale girly pink “Petal Blush”, chocolate brown “Copacabana”, emerald green “Greenista”, beige “Neutrality”, burgundy “Mulberry”, peachy “Coral Reef”, hot pink-ish red “Pink Dahlia”.


“Lovely Lapis” is done with two coats, dries as quickly as any conventional modern nail polish (very quick!). Topped with a glossy coat or two of Scotch Naturals’ “On The Rocks”, this jewel-like beauty lasts for up to five days.

Pretty fabulous.

So, in order to kick off my Christmas holiday in style (first day, woohoo), I decided to wear “Lovely Lapis” today. Still feeling pretty retro, I stuck with a half-moon mani to match my brand new almond nail shape. (It premiered > here < in case you missed.) And I gotta say, this cool blue with a fine shimmer is already a favourite. Funny how non-tox purchases make shopping a happy place again, non?suncoat-nail-polish
Next on my list: Greenista and Mulberry, and I think of getting Petal Blush for mum for Christmas; she adores pastels.

NB: If you’re not sure if you can wear blue nail polish, look at the undertone of your skin. If it’s rosy, cool blue shades won’t pop as they do on yellow or olive-toned skin; and you should opt for petrol for a shocking effect.”


Methinks it would look much grosser if it wasn’t such a flower-y colour. Imagine this in nude. Yikes, huh? (Gosh, I hope we won’t see any lowbrow “art” with these. Oh, how I miss Regretsy)
I couldn’t help but notice how shiny the nail surface was after the polish was peeled off. Sweet!

As dear Gallivanta asked me in the comments and two friends asked IRL, I decided to show you what it looks like when you peel it. Other than Scotch polishes that don’t “just” peel but need a little attention, this is much easier. You find a somewhat loose end (the tip of the nail usually) and peel.
It certainly helps to “soak the fingers in warm water” which, in my case, was washing my makeup brushes but my guess is, a shower would do the trick as much.

Suncoat came off super easy and the nails looked perfectly smooth afterwards – not topical damage and, most important, no staining.



Geeking out about all things truly green, healthy and ethical over at BEAUTYCALYPSE.com (Avatar illustration by A. Goncharenko)

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  1. Thank you. I like it. You will be pleased to know that when I was at the pharmacy I asked if they stocked water based nail polish and the beauty counter staff member was surprised by my question. “Never heard of it”, she said. So, there, I have spread the word and educated someone. I have been more successful with wine. Found a Kim Crawford vegetarian merlot and a vegan( I think) Church Road Merlot; will try them on Christmas Eve when I have visitors.

  2. Heather in Arles

    Ok, I will say that I am not in for shocking colors as…ahem, since previously mentioned…the skin on my hands is not in great shape and it just calls attention to that! But I did buy a gentle soap for next to the sink today. 🙂

      1. Heather in Arles

        Oh you have helped me more than you know! Sometimes changes take time but they happen. I also bought a Melvita shampoo too. Verdict is still out on that one but it might be good, we’ll see…

  3. This goes so well with my Blue Christmas theme :). One question which I am not sure that I have read on your blog….how do you remove the nail polish? Is there a non-tox remover?

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