Swedish Summer In Your Pocket (Perfume Review)

Adventurers, you might remember I’m a sucker for a great, non-tox juice. And this stunning (raw, organic, *and* vegan) little Swede might just have won my heart!green-love-perfume-oil-wild-strawberry

Green Love – admittedly, I haven’t heard about them so far. But as I was browsing through the product news at Ecco Verde, one of my go-to online shops for green beauty, the rather expensive little bottles caught my eye (10 ml at 22-34€). The perfumes were said to be 100% organic, 100% vegan, and the nine scents offered sounded intriguing.

UPDATE March 2015

The Green Love perfume collection now consists of only four scents. Find them all here.
I asked founder Jenny Jahn to comment and here’s what she said:

Today I have only 4 perfumes left. I re-designed the range because I found Miron glas, it protects essential oils and essences from degrading for many months. We realized that the scent faded during storage and changed when it reached our end customers. This was not a solution for us.
Beside that a Swedish scientist had discovered that essential oils that contain 26 particular allergens (almost all essential oils with a few exceptions such as: vetiver, cedarwood, patchouli) create allergies when used in a long term. And it did not matter if you had any allergy before or not, the skin would develop an allergy.
We can’t stand behind that and have now removed all allergens from our line, almost every perfume needed to go and we needed to reformulate the 4 last ones to be most sophisticated perfumes that wouldn’t fade.”
– Jenny Jahn, Green Love founder


Last time I picked wild strawberries: summer 2008. The white flowers turning sweet berries – it was part of summer magic as a child.

I settled for Wild Strawberry. Wild strawberries are a childhood memory from Mordor Morrowind Moscow, and I just couldn’t resist the child within.


As the perfume arrived, it struck me how tiny it really was in person. But then it all makes sense: it is supposed to be used up within 4 months, because it contains nothing but jojoba oil and two essential oils. green-love-wild-strawberryThe fragrance itself is very pleasant. I am aware (as you should be, too) that most berry scents we perceive in beauty products are synthetic. And so this one does not smell like a bowl of fresh strawberries – a good sign; if it did, it would be a fraud!


Green Love Wild Strawberry breathes the air of leafy, fresh, green strawberry leaves. The perfume opens with notes of freshness and earth, evoking memories of summer meadows.
The added vanilla instantly provides the expected mellow sweetness. While pretty sweet, the fragrance by no means exudes the cheap aura of a random drugstore “strawberry” pshht; it’s a very fine, elegant veil that surrounds you, only slightly fruity but carnal and sensual and warm.green-love-roll-perfume-open

I’m now thrilled to discover other Green Love scents, one by one.
There are eleven of them waiting for me:
Jasmine Deluxe, Black Knight, Men’s Cologne (yes, when it comes to fragrance I’m 100% omnivorous, and you should be, too, or you’ll be missing out on some very exciting perfume experiences), Heart of Roses, Vanilla Dreams, Unisex Lime (seriously? Proper gender… *bad pun fanfare*), Cacao Truffles (!!!), Coconut, Lovely Citrus, Blackberry & Vanilla, Pineapple.

Santa, are you taking notes?


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  1. aahh! I have such found memories of picking strawberries as a kid too. Well I ate more of them than I put in the basket 😉 I’m really intrigued by blackberry & vanilla, although they all sound like they would have a gorgeous scent.

  2. Delicious. I had a look in a health/herbal store today where I used to buy essential oils; the management has changed and the stock was very disappointing.

  3. Awesome review! I love Greenlove!(redundant much?) I bought – also on Eccoverde! – their body butter (berry scented) and it’s good stuff! Cacao Truffles is somehow calling my name. But what’s the difference between Unisex Lime and Lovely Citrus? x Liz

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