Indispensable Beauty Tools

Tweezers? Q-tips? Cotton pads? Yes, yes, and yes. But here are two more little helpers for a busy green beauty nerd.

Beauty masks are one of the silliest things to be spotted wearing in the world. Millions of housewives have been ridiculed for a green mush in their face, topped with fancy pink curlers in their hair… Wait, it actually is funny.


If you only checked the ingredients of what conventional disposable cloth masks (face and eyes) are drenched with! I picked some on codecheck and I saw pure INCI horror: isoparaffin, chlorphenesin, EDTA, parabens, shady fragrance, DMDM hydantoin. Yikes, right? Nothing I want to sit on my skin for 5, let alone for 20 minutes!

However, a piece of clean cloth soaked in even something as simple as a good face lotion can soothe skin and help relax. And given how many clean, organic options are out there offering powerful ampoules, it’s so much better to have your own “bespoke” facial cloth mask. Enter: beauty mask helpers.


I was really happy as I discoved these eye mask and face mask sets (2.25€ per pack) in our local Muji store. Both masks give every DIY treatment a pro touch, and this lets the beauty nerd in me perform a little happy dance.muji2muji1

The use of the eye mask is simple: soak it in an eye contouring serum and relax. I like to take a pair with me for an in-flight treatment 😉 My fave product to use with them is Dr Hauschka Eye Solace.

The face mask looks like a fizzy tablet, right? When soaked, it gets into shape and unfolds into a very ugly face! But hey, it’s designed to be wrapped around every face shape, so it’s logical that it’s kind of… uhm, big.



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