Ingredient Alchemy Lab #7: Broccoli Seed Oil Magic

Don’t judge your book by its cover: this is smooth skin & shiny hair, bottled. Move over, Jojoba Oil.

The INCI name of this ingredient is:

Brassica Oleracea Italica (Broccoli) Seed Oil

It’s best used as a virgin, unrefined oil; has a distinct aroma that disappears after a few minutes; has a naturally yellow to pale green colour. (And due to some autocorrect magick, it shall remain broKKoli in the photos! :D)

If you typed this very name into the database search of Codecheck or EWG’s Skindeep, you’d be suprised how many products carry it. As of Dec 4 2013 Codecheck lists 121 beauty products, and Skindeep 40 products. Note though: products listed are NOT all organic, clean and fabulous.

The oil is widely ised, but while tomatoes and carrots have well received their place in the glamourous line-up of veggie-based cosmetics ingredients, brands shun away from mentioning it.


* A made up product name, of course.

You totally should, and you totally should rely on Broccoli Seed Oil as a powerful moisturising and smoothing agent for every type of skin: mature, dry, or oily!
I’ve already raved about it in my post on 5 tips for healthy hair here -> click! <- but here’s the in-depth check of Broccoli Seed Oil benefits:
+ It absorbs quickly and is non-greasy due to its fatty acid structure; acts silicone-like on hair, giving it lustre and shine, and oxidation stability due to a high amount (up to 50%) of Erucic Acid, an Omega-9 fatty acid. Ironically, Erucic Acid is not as healthy when consumed (canola oil naturally contains large amounts of it).
+ It’s naturally rich in Retinol (Vitamin A)
+ Contains up to 85% Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids
+ Doesn’t clog pores and is of course obviously biodegradable – which is a major “in yo face” to nasty silicones. brokkoli-seed-oil


If you work just two drops of Broccoli Seed Oil into the lengths of your damp hair, you’ll notice that once dry, your hair will be smoother – no frizz, especially great during the beanie season – and easier to comb. No straggly looks!

You can massage 3-6 drops onto the scalp prior to washing, let the oil sit for approx. 30 minutes (maybe take a bath while you’re at that). This will lessen the drying impact of your shampoo – that’s why I like to carry a minuscule bottle of Broccoli Seed Oil with me when travelling: it makes almost every hotel room shampoo “survivable“.


Rub just 1 drop between your hands, so that your fingers are covered with a hardly noticeable layer of Broccoli Seed Oil (like you would with your super-toxic hair wax, for example). Work it into your mane for added structure – in curly or straight hair. Don’t worry about the brokkoli smell – it’s already about to leave.


It makes the best natural primer under your makeup – the silkiness it provides will give you a beautiful glow, even with your mineral makeup.

Otherwise it’s a great massage oil; preps nails for water-based polishes better than jojoba oil does; and no other oil works wonders on dryness-induced wrinkles, smoothing them away like a Photoshop blur brush.

SOME BUYING SOURCES FOR CONSUMERS – as usual, no affiliates!

Just a few examples; I’m sure you can find Broccoli Seed Oil no matter where you’re located.

In Germany I found these shops R. Reike Naturrohstoffe, Manske Products for cosmetics, in addition to my go-to source at Wolkenseifen – both bio and conventional

For UK I found this specialist online shop: Aromantic – both bio and conventional

US residents could try this shop (I include the direct link because the shop’s search function seems disfunct): From Nature With Love – both bio and conventional

Always try to get organic quality though. We don’t want any pesticides in our tresses, right? 😉


This wonderful organic hair conditioner by myrto naturalcosmetics: Bio Glossing Conditioner and the beautifully formulated Antistatic Hair Oil are based on broccoli seed oil. I can’t use their shampoos though due to the Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein used. Duh!

From Switzerland with love: one of my fave organic brands, Farfalla has this beautiful Deep recovery hair mask.

Logona’s vegan, gluten-free and certified organic (BDIH, Natrue) Bamboo Cream Shampoo is free of palm oil and derivates, revitalises hair and scalp, and might be the right pick for Yours Truly. In their Age Protection face care series, Broccoli Seed Oil is also videly used.


Geeking out about all things truly green, healthy and ethical over at (Avatar illustration by A. Goncharenko)

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  1. It sounds fantastic, I’m in the UK, looking to buy it right now : ) I love jojoba for my nail blogger cuticles, so this sounds awesome!
    Everything clogs my pores, so I’d be wary to put it on my face though.

  2. […] And – to be perfectly honest with you – after days spent in the frantic search of a goddarn organic shampoo without palm oil and hydrolyzed wheat protein, I admit that all I saw was light in the end of the bloody tunnel: A clean, perfect, organic and affordable goodness based on, wait for it: broccoli seed oil – Logona Creme Shampoo Bambus!.. (Oh, have you missed my raving about broccoli seed oil? Here are both posts with tips on hair health and obtaining a pretty shiny thatch >>> 5 x 2 Hair Care Tips + Alchemy Lab: Broccoli Seed Oil Magic) […]

  3. Heather in Arles

    Oooh, this seems perfect for me. Ok, I know that you don’t take me even remotely seriously after the diswashing soap incident but hey! I especially like the sound of the Bamboo Cream shampoo. Merci comme d’hab!

  4. I LOVE finding out more about pure oils – and this post is no exception. You had me at “Brokkoli” or “Broccoli” or however we crazy Americans spell it 🙂 I bought a broccoli cold cream once. I wrote a review in a VERY early post of mine somewhere. It’s so raw off the farm and I loved it! This oil sounds wonderful. I’ve read about it as a replacement for silicones in hair products, so it’s no wonder that it works so well for hair and skin! XO

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