Christmas Red Retro Mani – Tox-Free

Wishing for a lot more relaxed + a lot less rushed Christmas season, I tried to unwind with classic music and fave Christmas classics… And some retro atmosphere.

In my post on nail trends for autumn/winter 2013-2014 I mentioned one trend, that I then had yet to try: almond nails. Almond nails really rocked the catwalks! (Here’s the mentioned post with toxin-free nail art suggestions -> click!)retro-mani-opener

Inspired by Nail Luxxe and Craftynail sporting pointed talons, I thought to give almond shape a try and opted for a classic, retro, and fuss-free manicure. retro-maniretro-mani-totalThe colour I picked is Scotch Naturals “Balmoral Punch”, a deep, cool classic red – sometimes advertised as a hot pink in the online shops, which it is absolutely NOT.

Now I’m enjoying this bit of non-tox colour fun today along with some classic Christmas tunes…

…Have a great start into the week, Adventurers!

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  2. I think you caused major nail envy everywhere! Beautifully shaped, wonderfully feminine and the halfmoon adds a final touch of effortless perfection. Love the practicality of the shorter length. definitely brings back feelings of a traditional manicure.

  3. I love it this look since I saw it In Mulholland Drive, Rita/Camilla wears this exact style:

    I’m gonna try it as soon as possible 🙂

      1. It is a very festive look. Did I tell you that the lady who came to measure up my new curtain rail had each nail on her hand painted a different shade of blue. So a total of 5 different shades for her 10 digits. It looked very good and so it should have because ,as an interior decorator, she is supposed to understand colour.

          1. Yes, it was smart because I started to think “Can I find any other jobs for this lady? Do I need new curtains in the bedroom etc” Because I was sure, judging by her appearance, that she could do very fine things in my house.

  4. Heather in Arles

    Hello there! Just to say hooray for classic red (on my nails right now) and a huuuuge congratulations for your success! I am not entering the awesome giveaway since I am already a winner here 🙂 but I am really happy for you that your event was so fufilling. Bravo!

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