Brilliant news, Adventurers! I’m co-hosting a sustainable/fair/social enterprise Christmas Market on the first weekend in Advent.

My slogan “this is not a drill” is not just to remind us all that change in our lifestyle, business, modus operandi is overdue, it seems to be my new motto as well. I jump in right at the deep end by joining two girlfriends, two visionary social entrepreneurs (hint: you’ve met one of them here on BEAUTYCALYPSE and I’m loving her brand so much, it’s got its own tag) for a weekend of get-together, entertaining, shopping, laughing, learning and making the world a better place en passant. A premiere for me in my role as BEAUTYCALYPSE founder!green-xmas

Those of you who are not based in Berlin or in proximity – don’t fret, we are thinking of totally branching out and bringing the concept to the world. Yup. But: one step at a time.

And of course you all will get a lot of green Christmas tips in the weeks to come.


There will be three awesome gift sets at an amazing rate (clutches and accessories and chocolates and cool, but eco greeting cards!); one gift set to win; and fantastic Dr Hauschka giveaways for every purchase, while stocks last.
Food: exotic snacks from Morocco and Ecuador, vegan wines from Germany.
Service: Uber drivers for guests. Woohoo!


“Berlin is indeed one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.”

For those of you in or near the German capital: if you want to know the details, please leave me a comment below or using my contact form and tell me “I want an invitation for The Good Shopping Christmas Market”. By doing so you agree that I may use your email for ending you the invitation/the event details without giving it to any third party or abusing it for newsletters: promised.

The event will take place from Nov 29 to Dec 1st in Berlin at a cool venue in Berlin-Prenzlauerberg.
The program includes:
Friday Nov 29 7pm opening/cocktail,
Saturday Nov 30 afternoon workshop and talks about charity vs. social enterprise and conscious consumerism,
Sunday Dec 1st Advent tea and finale 😉

Jitters? Hell yes! But I’m also beyond happy to meet my friends and partners and a lot of new people.

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    1. thank you love 🙂 have you seen my literary thanksgiving yet? thrilled to hear your thoughts: I want to have more of the book-geek me on here and sharing my fave reads seemed legit 😀

    1. hehe 🙂 will now get me a cup of edamame beans and then get the cards done and go to bed by midnight. that’s the plan!

      1. ohhhh… any left over F- balls? i’m dreaming about them right now! will find some chocolate tho 🙂 xx

        1. in chocolate veritas! I’m having an evening just as the doctor prescribed: a handfull edamame + a pomegranate + season 1 of game of thrones 😉 CU tomorrow! can’t wait 🙂

    1. I’m very thrilled indeed. Hope to see a lot of friends and looking very much forward to Saturday’s speeches. I hope to inspire a few more people to consume wisely and truly freely. Will share the speech in a form here, too!

    1. thank you, celeste! I’m definitely very, very excited so that crossing fingers is much appreciated 😀

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