Saying NO to tired, puffy eyes

Whether you’re staring at a monitor for hours, or are on the road for a day, or performing any kind of work that tires your eyes, *this* is a life-saver. 


I stumbled upon this product as a motorcyclist. Burning, tired eyes occurred rather often after longer trips, and I wondered if I could do something – in between or in the end of the day – to soothe the eyes, to relax the muscles, and to actually boost my energy level. Because nothing makes me feel more drained and brain dead than tired eyes.

Same sensations occurred after long nights in the office – the more “sand” I had in my eyes, the less I felt I could concentrate. Add all the surfing and tweeting to the actual work: my eyes sometimes are working off-the-clock!

eye-solace-eye-compressEye drops helped a little bit. But just not enough. Tea bags, the go-to home remedy, made the skin around the eyes unpleasantly dry, really parchment-like.

So when I was buying my fave eye drops another day, the pharmacy consultant noticed my weary look and suggested I tried a different product. Why not, I thought, can’t get worse.
And it didn’t.


Dr Hauschka Eye Solace is a vegan, BDIH-certified organic eye compress solution (not eye drops!) and comes in a pack of 10 vials à 5ml + a resealable bag of 10 eyepads; and I’ve seen the price tag vary from 15,50 to 19,50€.

Ingredients: Water/Aqua, Euphrasia Officinalis Extract, Foeniculum Vulgare (Fennel) Seed Extract, Alcohol, Anthyllis Vulneraria Extract, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Rosa Damascena Flower Oil, Fragrance/Parfum, Citronellol*. (*component of natural essential oils) dr-hauschka-augenfrische

To use the compress, you have to peel one eyepad into two thinner round pads and then open the vial and soak the pads with all of the liquid. It might look like it’s a bit too much product, but it’s a compress and has to be that wet.

You then put the pads onto closed (!) eyes and rest for 10 minutes. Personally I like to take my time and rest for 15 minutes, and for added benefits, to use thepalming” technique = covering my eyes with warmed palms of my hands. Rolling the eyes back and forth helps relax the muscles additionally.

The effect is really good – the compress fights puffiness and tiredness, and as for alcohol used, in certified organic formulas it’s not the harsh industrial version, so I haven’t experienced any dryness yet. But in winter I only use the compress in the evenings and never right before I leave the house.
The compresses help me with itchy eyes during hayfever months, and I use them after long sessions at my computer, long rides or whenever I think I could use a break from looking at things.
It’s important though to make sure the liquid doesn’t get into your eyes, because it burns a bit.


Of course I sometimes run out of Eye Solace. Duh 😉

My product-free remedies for tired eyes are “palming“, a technique from the alternative eye therapy that proves really beneficial for eye relaxation – it doesn’t really help your to see better, but properly performed, it will relax your eye area visibly. You will really look less tense. Here’s a Wikipedia link explaining the technique -> click.

Another thing is my “lazy yoga“, a few asanas I’ve put together for when moving a lot isn’t thinkable, and all of them help relax the muscles after hours of sitting in a cramped pose and binge staring at a monitor.

I sure hope that helps, dear Adventurers.
So after another hard time at work, remember to reward your eyes


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  1. any idea what the “fragrance/parfum” would consist of? I usually find it to be a loophole companies use to hide less than clean ingredients. I could certainly use these at the hours because lord knows my eyes get so dry that my contact even popped out one time!

      1. ahh good to know! I always wonder why, if their fragrance is actually clean essential oils, they wouldn’t just list it out.

        Oooh I know the pain of trying to fully clean a smoky eye – thanks! I’ll be sure to check them out 🙂


    This is really cool ! I am going to order some from the Derm Store as I had tired eyes just last night!

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