Green Beauty Character Tag!

In which you meet green beauty bloggers from Canada, UK, Belgium, and the Netherlands in the cosiness of a November evening. lights

Sonja from Toronto, the beautiful green beauty blogger and founder of life in blush, tagged me in her Beauty Character post (here), challenging me to a round of Q&A. Grab a cuppa and join us!


The tag comes with simple rules:
1. be sure to tag other green beauty bloggers 
2. title your article Green Beauty Character Tag
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(Check; check; check!) sonja-life-in-blush(And this is Sonja, the tag starter, as seen in my Hall of Fame)


Please meet the lovely ladies whom I tag:
1. Frances, the founder of Abel Organics, the Netherlands. I’ve discovered Frances’ blog and brand through Sonja’s blog life in blush first.
2. Lauren, makeup artist from London who’s into holistic, non-tox beauty.
3. Sofie from Belgium who blogs about health, particularly the lyme disease, and clean, organic and fuss-free beauty.
4. Mlle Nature, who holds a PhD in Biochemistry/Cell Biology and has worked in cancer research.
5. And Liz of Smells like a green spirit.
Liz on Twitter I Liz’ Blog
And now, the Q&As!


1. On my nightstand you’ll find: that I don’t have a nightstand!
2. The literary character I’m most like (take this quiz) is the White Witch, but I was not able to find matching options, got bored in the middle and clicked randomly, I’m afraid… 😀
3. I’m currently obsessed with: Diablo 3 and Skyrim (PS3); vegan chai and matcha lattes; The Youth Dew; finding a clean, palmoil free, vegan shampoo that’s free of hydrolyzed wheat protein.
4. My favourite superhero is: Duh. I like Shego from Kim Possible. I like her colours, black and green (obviously she has a great fashion taste), she’s athletic, intelligent, sarcastic, and evil. She has slanted green eyes, like yours truly. Green eyes FTW! And in an alternative universe, Shego even rules the world as The Supreme One. BUT she is only a sidekick while she definitely deserves to be a villain on her own! So… Chastity? (Chaos Comics) She owns the night. Rrrrrrr!.. Or maybe Witchblade, the tough detective bound to a mysterious artefact? Or is it Buffy, the most heroic and self-determined vampire slayer? CAN’T CHOOSE!
5. Favourite beauty product of 2013: Dr Alkaitis Enzyme Peeling Mask. Hands down. It’s really my beautician in a jar!
6. If I could have dinner with anyone dead or alive it would be: my dad.
7. Winter is coming – how do you prep your skin for battle? From inside out! Healthy proteins, fat, vitamins… All plant-based.
8. My perfect date night makeup consists of: liquid eyeliner in a gorgeous shade, a fantabulous nail polish, and perfume.
9. My go-to skin-beautifying snack/drink is: oh, a lot really. All the seasonal goodness: pumpkins, persimmons, kale, cauliflower, brokkoli. Then lots of green tea (uchiyama and matcha), turmeric/ginger/lime power drink, beauty porridge with chia and canihua
10. My tv boyfriend is: If you’d asked me in the late 90s, it would have been Highlander, The Series’ Methos. These days I think I only have tv gangs 😀
And those include the Firefly crew (Browncoats, unite!), and the Voyager crew, and the Stars Hollow people, and the SOA tribe…
11. If my evening clutch could only hold one beauty item it would be: I don’t want to channel my inner Monk, but if it boils down to just one beauty item, I choose an organic hand sanitiser
12. One beauty tip I would pass on to my real/fictional daughter is: celebrate your uniqueness, don’t judge it, good or bad; instead: own your look.
13. The most nostalgic item from my childhood is: a huge, beautiful oil painting of this fortress near Dresden that was hanging over my bed.
14. My favourite tv show of the moment is: probably Castle.
And The Walking Dead. And True Blood. And just entered the world of Downton Abbey.
I binge watch them on Apple TV when I have a few hours to unwind.
Oh, and do me a favour, ask me again in early 2014! 😀
15. My favourite quote is: Too many, as a book nerd. But I’ll pick one just for you:
Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly.”
Mae West

Have a great weekend, Adventurers! And have fun visiting Sonja, Frances, Lauren, Sofie, and Mademoiselle! ❤


Geeking out about all things truly green, healthy and ethical over at (Avatar illustration by A. Goncharenko)

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  1. love love love! so many thoughts…

    1. I can’t believe you watch true blood too! I literally have no one to talk to about this. the writing is awful, but for some reason I have to see it through to the end. Are you team alcide or eric?
    2. have you ever tried yerba maté tea? Native to Argentina it contains a boatload of antioxidants, amino acids, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals. the country’s army even drank it on a regular basis because it’s supposed to enhance endurance and focus.
    3. I love how you’re preparing for winter – good, clean inputs is all your body needs to operate at ultimate health. Have you heard of daniel vitalis? he has a very interesting pov on how humans need to rewild themselves. take a listen, I really think you’ll like it:
    4. jackie boy! how could i forgot about jax for my tv boyfriend?! I’m so happy his hair is back to long and greasy…as odd as that may sound that’s when he looks the sexiest 😀
    5. so happy you love mae west too 🙂

    sorry for the long response! I just had so many thoughts all at once. Thanks so much for participating!!

    p.s. how was the swanky party in Dusseldorf? 🙂

      1. 1. pam is pretty bad-ass; i do love her bitchy, powerful ways 🙂
        2. anytime lady!
        3. yup pretty much. I have such a nerd crush oh him haha
        4. umm I love you so much more now that you said the word ‘hooligan’! no one says that here, but it’s such an awesome word to use 🙂
        5. i’m constantly amazed that whenever I mention katherine hepburn or viven leigh and clark cable i get an ‘eyed glazed over’ look. i literally want to yell “HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW GONE WITH THE WIND?!” People are missing out on so much. I also almost spit out the coffee I was drinking when someone asked me what chia seeds were :S

        green hangout FTW!!

          1. oh em gee I DEFINITELY want to name something ‘bitches and hooligans’! haha it’s too priceless not too.

            it’s too bad I have to call it a night, but I see myself spending SEVERAL hours on vickie’s site! I grew up on and adore old hollywood so thank you for introducing me to this fabulous site!

            hope you had a great day pretty lady! xo

                1. hahaha love the slogan! The shot to go with it would be the backside of jax (shirtless of course), arm around the midsection of Pam whose facing the camera, looking all pissed off. Damn I just might try to Photoshop this baby together! #weekendproject 😀

      1. I had a penfriend who lived in Dresden; sadly I can’t remember her name but I have often wondered what happened to her. We wrote to each other from about the age of 11 until we were 20. She used to tell me about some of the historical buildings; probably mentioned the Fort!

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