Safe Aftershave (and more) | Men’s Grooming Series #1

Won’t somebody think of the guys? – My inner Helen Lovejoy recently cried. With (mostly) unisex product reviews, it’s true: I haven’t covered men’s skin care issues yet.

The reason is that our skin is an organ, and our sex – or our hormones to be precise – is just one of many factors of influence. I will write about it in detail soon, but today I want to review a favourite, a product that wonderfully exists in the peaceful, discrimination-free zone of skin care
It’s good for men and women alike.

But hey, you guys! Listen up! It’s also a fabulous, soothing, safe, vegan and certified organic aftershave.


My boyfriend and I don’t share products but technically, we could. While you’re pretty aware of my own beauty armoury (tagged “in my beauty case), his skin care product choice is not “designed for men” but instead, it’s reduced to the max, probably the manliest thing to do to a beauty routine anyway: yes to hygiene, no to slathering and toe dipping. His fragrance choice on the other hand is purely pour homme. But I digress. mine-yours-ours


Dr. Hauschka regulating toner “Gesichtstonikum Spezial” (or “Clarifying Toner” internationally) in its glass bottle with the heavy golden cap is awesomesauce, bottled:
1. Certified to BDIH standards
2. Free from synthetic fragrances, dyes, preservaties, mineral oils, parabens, silicones, PEG
3. Free from palm oil / and derivatives
4. Vegan
5. Raw materials either controlled organic or Demeter, and fair-traded

dr-hauschka-gesichtstonikum-spezial-clarifying-tonerThe lightly cooling toner contains alcohol, which makes it an ideal, clean, safe and non-tox aftershave product for sensitive skin and great for the sad days when your skin, guy or girl, is breaking out. Because it’s not harsh conventional alcohol, it isn’t as drying. The recipe includes, apart from water and alcohol, healing and soothing plant extracts of Kidney Vetch, Marigold, Indian Cress, Horse Chestnut Bark, Purple Coneflower, Witch Hazel, and Daisy. A blend of natural oils is added for flagrance; lactic acid for its preserving qualities (NB: despite its name, it’s not made from milk).

The toner helps balance your skin when it gets too oily – which can happen when, like now, the season changes and we’re exposed to cold weather and to air condition and to wearing hats etc. It helps fight blemishes and inflammations.

It’s recommended to spray the toner and to gently press it into the skin (press, not rub, mind you). Personally, I like to follow lymph drainage instructions. And speaking of my moisturiser-free challenge, the Clarifying Toner is my go-to toner during autumn and spring, replacing thermal water in the spray bottle.

I almost forgot to say a word about the flagrance.
Herbal and only slightly balmy and woody, the pleasant, soothing scent reminds me of a fine tisane. It doesn’t add any olfactory oddities to the herbs and bark of the active ingredients, rather wraps it up nicely. Though the light scent has character, it won’t mess with your perfume if you wore any.

Any more grooming questions, Adventurers? 😉


Geeking out about all things truly green, healthy and ethical over at (Avatar illustration by A. Goncharenko)

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  1. Do you know that since I’ve started reading your weblog that I’ve started using moisturizing oils on my skin? But I have to say… Dr. H.’s Rose Moisturizer is still a favorite (emulsified, or not)… The scent is so captivating. xox, V

  2. Love it! Yes! Let’s think of our men. It’s about time. I’ve definitely been reading more about green grooming. Dr. Hauschka has been around for ages (I think they can start labeling “Since 19??” already!) I trust products that withstand the test of time in a business that can be as changeable as the seasons – or a passing fancy. Not that we’d know about those 😉 Great post! Thanks xo

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