Festive (Slightly SciFi-ish) Nail Art – Solar Eclipse

A nail art challenge is a beauty bloggers’ classic. Discover the how-to for this tox-free and vegan showstopper. new-moon-mani-opener

Inspired by the Nail Art Ideas Linkup on Craftynail, I have picked the following three of four suggestions for my vegan November:
Solar eclipse
Animals and pets

I must say, “solar eclipse” is a great inspiration. I instantly thought of the contrast pitch black and white golden light; sharp and majestic. The crown of the sun in the artificial night. Breathtaking, isn’t it? The colour of the light is sometimes white-ish, sometimes golden, or with red flares. I decided to use a very bright silver tone.
Because black and silver are amazing together and, other than black and gold, this combination can never go adrift.


I wanted to have a variation on a lunar/halfmoon mani, you know, that burlesque and retro look where you leave the “moon” unpainted?
Only here, the moon is the black shadow, and the sky around the flares is pitch black as well.
And rather than painting each nail in halfmoon style, I thought to keep it big and in the same time slightly abstract-looking on the individual nail. Like so: new-moon-mani-doodle


My weapons of choice: Scotch Naturals Base Coat, Top Coat and the fantastic Tartan Black for the main colour.
Tox-free mineral glitter (sorry, but the brand got lost in time; it’s a very old bottle).
To draw a fine line for where the gold glitter goes I used a fine toothpick.
You’ll need a bit of white cardboard to mix glitter with top coat.


1. Prep the nails with the base Coat, let dry.
2. Apply two coats of Tartan Black, while the second coat is still wet but already sticky, carefully “draw” the line of the solar “ring” across your nails. Water-based polish is great for that, becauseyou can remove it pretty easily without scratching hard on the surface of your nails.
3. Once the black polish is dry and set, mix a drop of top coat with a good amount of glitter to create a thick glitter liquid; apply to the line you’ve drawn with the clean toothpick; wipe the toothpick clean after you’re done and put it aside.
4. Let dry.
5. To draw the sun flares, again, put a drop of top coat on the cardboard, add glitter and mix.
6. Using the toothpick, draw the flares freehand (I have drawn the look on paper before I started, so I had a cheat sheet to look at).
7. Let dry and apply top coat. I haven’t, to obtain a contrast between the shiny flares and the matte black canvas.
8. If you have matching beads or crystals, why not add them to the most prominent sun flares? Put them onto wet top coat and seal with another coat.
9. Wear it proudly! 😀 new-moon-mani-look


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  1. this is so creative! and I love how bad-ass that ring is. I’m all thumbs when it comes to doing artistic mani’s, but you’ve inspired me to try again 🙂

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