Powerfood Chronicles #2: Persimmon

Autumn, you glorious time of orange goodness: pumpkins first, and now these wonder berries, fresh in from Israel and Spain. persimmon-opener

Yes, that’s right, Persimmons and their less astringent variety, Sharon Fruits, are berries, just like tomatoes. Persimmons have been cultivated in China for 2000 years and have been used as both food and healing plant.

To me personally, nothings says “Christmas is near” like their sunny appearance at my fave market. Nothing; not even mandarines.”


Ripe persimmons are low in protein but rich in glucose which makes them a treat rather than a snack. It’s highly inadvisable to eat unripened persimmons (just google “phytobezoar“; yikes).
Still, the fruits, oops, the berries are rich in vitamin C and Beta-carotene; contain a high amount of dietary fiber, potassium, sodium, calcium (in your face, yoghurt, in your face! Erm…), magnesium, iron and manganese as well as (not so much) copper and zinc. And cancer researchers and nutrition specialists are interested in the contained phytochemicals (catechins) and acids. persimmon-berries

Persimmons are my fave dessert for breakfast and lunch (at noon chez nous). I prefer to consume my carbs, mostly fruit and berries, in the morning. It has two reasons. First off, it’s good for the metabolism. Second, it promotes good night’s sleep… Yup, just by staying away from sugar in the afternoon. Nifty, huh?

And what are your fave seasonal treats apart from pumpkins?
(I will simply presume everybody loves pumpkins.)


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