Lazy Person’s Homemade Deo

Non-tox and natural deos are often not the best performers, while a mix of two natural deodorisers (coconut oil + baking soda) is powerful – but not very chic.


I wrote about natural deos earlier this year (in May to be precise – you can read the post here) and mentioned several recipes for making your own, clean, fail-safe deodorant. In fact, you can DIY you own deodorant as nontox as you want it to be by using only the best and cleanest quality ingredients: coconut oil; baking soda; arrow root starch – and optionally a mix of your favourite essential oils.

But wouldn’t we miss something?

You know, to me the DIY’ed product would be just that – a DIY’ed product you whipped up in your kitchen. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the clean and natural and I enjoy a little DIY time! But like everybody else, I admit, I have something like a watershed. And this watershed is “If I can find somebody who makes the perfect product, why bother and DIY?


I can’t even remember how exactly I discovered Wolkenseifen. I know I googled. A lot.

But I remember the endless row of certified organic products that failed and had to leave, replaced by a fail-safe 48 hours killer anti-perspirant from the pharmacy. A balancing act of “works” and “is safe to use” seemed just impossible. But as silly as it sounds, I was determined to find a deo that worked and was completely free from all nasties – aluminium, parabens, phtalates… – and free from palm-oil-based or animal ingredients. And I found it. So why bother and DIY?

My vast collection. Gulp. Bottom row, third from the left: the fragrance-free product. Next to it, the black and white label: the limited edition perfumed with organic essential oils

The deodorants by Wolkenseifen are made of shea butter, coconut oil, baking soda, zinc oxide, grape seed oil and vitamin E. That’s good! But all except one are perfumed, so the exact formula is impossible to tell. However, one fragrance-free option is offered (my favourite!) and as of autumn 2013, a limited edition perfumed with a blend of organic essential oils is available – and it smells heavenly. Speaking of which…


I would be in heaven, if all scents – all of those are really lovely and wonderfully subtle! – would be made from natural essential oils. Maybe that’s where they are already headed? I certainly hope so. In the beginning of my journey, I have bought each Wolkenseifen scent available (I admit, I was seduced by the pin-up pictures; they look just awesome on the bathroom shelf!) and I’d still sometimes use one that’s not “fragrance-free”, just because of its sweet, comforting scent.

But as a fragrance nerd AND if I was to create a natural fragrance for such a deo, I know what pure essential oils I would use myself! Hint: one would be quite dry, spicy and elegant (men-friendly) and the other would be pure comfort, warm, cuddly and cosy. Well, maybe DIY isn’t that bad an idea after all… 😀

Stay sweet-smelling, Adventurers 😉


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