Halloween Tips: Sustainable, Classic, Geeky

A Fantasy Friday is long, long overdue, don’t you think? Welcome to the spooo-hoo-hoooky surf tips and to my musings about a greener, slower Halloween…


I have been delaying all of my promised illustration stuff (recipes) for a while now (since August!), but there’s a reason for that. The reason is a crazy venture that scares me to death and haunts me in my sleep – a new and shiny web comic. Well, it’s actually dark and dirty, but you know what I mean.
And if you like kickass web comics, why not look here (a mystical, magical inquisition journey set in what seems an alternative Medieval Spain + sick artwork) and here (a cult web comic from Austria, Death and Maiden – humour, unique drawing style, immaculate storytelling) for truly sublime entertainment? summon-nosferatu-nf


You could tell by the way it sneaked its way into my kitch, that The Elder Scrolls franchise is really a favourite of mine. Right now select few lucky bastards happy betatesters can indulge in all the awesomeness of the newest project, The Elder Scrolls Online while we who sit below the salt only can drool at the crazy mouth-watering sample-sized awesomesauce they show us on YouTube. Like here, the newest vid: Character creation. Watch it. It’s mindblowing in its coolness.
Also: nice ideas for your Halloween makeup.


So, are you crafting or are you e-crafting?
Here comes a surfing tip with a huge exclamation mark: Paperless Post!

Established by two siblings in 2009, the site offers digital stationery that looks OMG so real and so luxurious you need to check it out.

Apart from great in-house designs, collabs with famous designers (Kate Spade, Jonathan Adler, Oscar de la Renta), cult stationery makers (Mr. Boddington) and renowned calligraphy artists (Bernard Maisner) as well as seasonal designs will stir your blood.

paperless-post-screenshotThe recipient will see the envelope turn and open and the letter or the invitation will slip out. It looks so good, you forget it’s not actual paper – embossing, heavy cardboard, gold imprint look just like the real thing. Extra service: you can manage your invitations and RSVPs online. So modern, as our parents’ generation would say! 😀

So while a Paperless Post e-card isn’t necessarily making your carbon footprint that much lighter (just think of all the servers that need power supply), they for sure cut out a huge amount of potentially toxic colours, paper bleaching, tree cutting etc. And this year’s Halloween selection is simply splendid.


A few years back I’ve hosted a Halloween party that one could consider really “slow”:

1. There was a buffet, only slightly blood-themed, and there was candlelight.
2. My doorbell nameplate got a spooky makeover in a grim, gory font (looking at you, Corel Draw).
3. When guests rang the bell, I wouldn’t buzz the door open, but ask them to wait – disguising my voice.
4. When I’d go downstairs to fetch them, I’d wear a mask and carry a candle, a huge, safe, flickering LED candle – obviously, I wouldn’t switch on the electric lights.
5. Guests sans disguise received a half mask I had the foresight to buy a batch of in a costume shop.
6. The party game was… reading spooky stories of macabre. Not the modern ones, mind you, no – stories most people say they know and have read. But really, how many of you out there really remember the ghastly storylines of The Cask of Amontillado or The Rats in the Walls?

Especially those of us who grow tired of the “too loud and too much” will appreciate the familiar atmosphere of such an evening that evokes memories of a childhood bonfire with friends – when naive horror stories were told…

A movie classic (Rebecca, Birds – or any cult œuvre by the Hammer Studios, you’d be surprised how few people have seen those films) or a not-too-horrible-or-gory B-movie of the horror genre (Brocéliande, Blood & Chocolate, Cursed) fit rather well. Because let’s be honest, if you kept reading the whole night, some of your guests could fall asleep. Due to the hard week at work, obviously.

So, what are your Halloween plans so far?
Oh, and tomorrow we’ll talk about beauty – again 😉


Geeking out about all things truly green, healthy and ethical over at BEAUTYCALYPSE.com (Avatar illustration by A. Goncharenko)

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  1. wow!

    checked out the comics (beautiful spooky art creation and character customisation galore) and your halloween Tales


    had to look *amusedtocamera* at the “So Modern” comment 😉

    does that make William and I your parent’s generation?

    perhaps. we. are. *gulps*

    candles and quiet and some spells. #Halloween

      1. phew.

        although we sat with someone the other day who was Asking (because we never offer it otherwise) for our Advice and realized that yes, 23 years old, who-we-are-in-RL could actually be her parent.

        s c a r y.

  2. Halloween is a bit of a non-event in these parts. But when I was looking at the Paperless Post I saw Diwali cards next to Halloween cards. Diwali is celebrated here; not by everybody but there will be an official Diwali festival that people usually attend in great numbers.

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