I’m reblogging the post for you today, because this toothpaste officially helped improve my Vitamin B12 levels.




I’ve discovered this SANTÉ dental med toothpaste vitamin B12 (75 ml tube, 4.95€) at my fave Olde Xylitol Shoppe. They carry xylitol toothpaste for obvious reasons (find out about xylitol and its benefis for dental health here) – but this one was new to me.

The INCI check doesn’t reveal anything harmful* – as far as Codecheck.info is concerned, this is your perfect toothpaste.

Sceptical at first, I was nevertheless quite curious, and since I’ve been attested with a lack of vitamin B12, I looked closer and read the description. None of SANTÉ’s promises sounded like snake oil:
+ tested by dentists, this toothpaste gave testers 60% increase in Vitamin B12 after 4 weeks of application (twice a day; Institute of Clinical Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Magdeburg, Germany);
+ the elegant part is: the mucous membranes absorb the vitamin (as they do with anything absorbable) as you brush your teeth – brilliant;
+ in addition, vitamin B12 fights gum inflammations;
+ the active ingredients are sodium fluoride, xylitol and organic sage, known to protect teeth and gums as well as to fight caries-causing bacteria (xylitol);
+ the natural peppermint oil indisputably gives you a fresher breath;
+ the vitamin B12 used is vegan-safe; in fact the product has been developed together with the German Vegetarier Bund institution.
* On the minus side: Fluoride.

Detailed description – conveniently printed on the tube (rather than printing a leaflet – thumbs up).


A chronic lack of vitamin B12 isn’t just a problem with vegans and veggies, pregnant women or older people. Unbalanced diet puts childrn at risk of vitamin B12 deficiency. Gluten-rich food has been reported to lower the absorption of vitamin B12 (and other vitamins), and, as my doctor put it “Naturally vitamin B12 occurs in needed volume only in fresh veal liver. The more you cook it, the less you get. The older the calf, the less you get. So, when was the last time when any omnivore you know ate a raw veal liver?”

The colour pink comes from the naturally pink colour of the Vitamin B12. So much better than a slice of raw veal liver!

Typical symptoms of a vitamin B12 deficiency are… many. Among others you’ll find depressions, fatigue, irritability (like looking in the mirror on a Friday night, huh?) – shortness of breath, gastrointestinal problems and much more. I think it’s pretty brilliant if you can fight all of that by changing your diet!

Always consult a specialist, though; don’t ever fall for websites, TV shops, whoever sells you vitamin pills and Co. – while we’re One, as Bono knows, we’re not the Same – and our systems are highly individual! You’re totally worth the extra time and effort.

A new gel, free from Fluoride is reviewed here.


1. So my Vitamin B12 levels were on an “all time low” since I went veggie.
2. My doctor explained to me that a Vitamin B12 deficiency wasn’t only typical for vegetarians and vegans, but in fact, for everyone who doesn’t eat raw calf liver (that sounds gross and is of course an exageration, but you get the idea).
3. I asked her if she thought a toothpaste could really help, and she answered “yes, why not, let’s try”.
4. I’ve been using this toothpaste since August.
5. Now (October) I just received the results of my blood test that was done end of September and it was really a (good) surprise to discover fantastic vitamin values.

6. No deficiencies anymore!
7. While I’m beyond happy to share this little story of success with you, please keep in mind that I have an otherwise balanced diet, too, and have worked to achieve this result, which involved doc visits, blood tests, a lot of research and more. So the main takeaway is: learn from my experience, then find and pursue what works for >ou.
🙂 Good luck!

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  1. Hello! I could have sworn I’ve been to your blog before but after browsing through a few
    of the articles I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m certainly pleased I stumbled upon it and I’ll be
    bookmarking it and checking back frequently!

  2. Love this idea! I’m glad your doctor didn’t blame your veganism on the deficiency. I’ve also heard that B12 is hard for a lot of people to get, even people who eat meat (maybe they aren’t eating calf liver, but that’s a good thing to avoid, IMO). I’m going to get my levels checked next week and I’ll look for the toothpaste in the US,

    1. yup, she’s ace. (background: she’s my ENT and she declined to send me to surgery – what other docs suggested to cure chronic sinusitis – saying we should check for the reasons instead. that’s a doctor!)

      btw thanks for finding me! I totally love your blogs 😉 *checking them out now*

        1. my thoughts exactly.

          I haven’t seen Celeste’s post yet – it’s 9pm in berlin and I’ve just logged in… what a cool surprise!

  3. wow!

    we’re off to the Hospital today for our regular post-surgery-thyroid-removal-tests *sighs* and who knows what the Vit B 12 results will be – but toothpaste?! how Modern!

    1. *crossing fingers for your tests and sending hugs*

      I think toothpaste is a truly elegant solution. I love it.

      1. apparently our Penelope Pituitary is mal-functioning.


        better have a bit more decaf.

        and think on the toothpaste dilemma (as we’re wedded to Toms)

        1. as somebody who has made thyroid cysts disappear I say shake your doctors well until they spill the best nutrition and lifestyle tips for miss penny.

          and – just a thought – maybe it’s time for who-you-are-in-RL to start taking you to shoot more pictures of people doing yoga and drinking healthy smoothies to get some as well? 😉

          dilemma? well, I use mine along with one I’m wedded to. they coexist rather peacefully in the bathroom I must say.

  4. I will try it. I hadn’t heard of this before. Love the idea of toothpaste helping out with the vitamin levels.

  5. Toothpaste to boost Vit B12 levels; sounds great. I didn’t realise that high gluten products inhibited Vit B12. Btw, I ate my borage today but it was in a frittata so I don’t really know what it tasted like!

        1. I have never tried borage on its own. just the Frankfurter Grie Soß (the Frankfurt Green Sauce), which is not too bad.

  6. Interesting!! I should get my B12 levels checked. I take supplements, but I forget to take them a lot. Upping my B12 with toothpaste sounds like a neat trick! Thanks so much for sharing this! Celeste 🙂

    1. I hear you, I don’t favor supplements really. but this toothpaste was on the verge between a supplement and an almost natural intake – buccal mucosa and stuff 🙂 I was willing to give it a try after checking the INCI and asking the brand if the VitB12 was really vegan-safe (and they replied; and it is!)

  7. Thanks for this follow up post. I am going to get the results of some blood tests this week including one for B12 and I am now very interested to know what my B12 levels are. I am not a vegetarian but I don’t eat a lot of meat. I am sure all will be fine but still and all I think I will make an effort to track down this toothpaste. 😉

    1. you’re most probably right. balanced diet is key and works most of the time!
      supplements and co should only be taken if one does have a diagnosed deficiency – my doc for example suggested vit b12 shots as I objected to taking supplements. ha! so I was pretty pressed to find an alternative… 😀

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