Love, Kisses, and Decisions

Now that my holiday is over, and I’m through (most of) your *won-der-ful* comments – oh the feelings!! – ideas started crawling from the rocks they’ve been hiding under…



Since August (motivation) and September (ecofair fashion) I’ve experimented with providing a monthly direction for my so called “side quests”, posts and quests that go beyond Green Beauty – food, fashion, soul detox…

I now decided to stick with it for a while, and what could be better for October than Halloween.
While I agree that most of it has been painfully commercialised, it still inspires a lot of crafters, foodies, and artists to create eerily beauteous things.

So this is our October theme: “green” crafts, food, beauty, and entertaining for Halloween! Woohoo!

The tag is “Funtober“!

German Gartenzwerge – spooky enough for Halloween; BFF-y enough for the next point…


Words fail me when I try to say just how much I love that you ladies are around, reading, thoughtfully commenting, and sharing what this adventurer finds along her way. It’s so incredible, and I want to thank you once again! With all my heart: THANK YOU.”

I’ve been thinking about how to show you my appreciation, and have been working on something since August already… Today I think I’m close enough to the finish line to announce just WHAT it’s going to be. Ready?

There are two thoroughly researched, non-commercial, free (and ‘termless’ if I can put it that way) Beauty Food 101 ebooks coming up, for you, my friends, exclusively. They’ll be posted, password-protected, under Hall of fame, and you’ll receive a note from me. I’m getting help and advice from an internationally renowned nutritionist. I’m so excited! 

(Update: they did go live and now the page is closed ;))

I hope that BEAUTYCALYPSE will remain a place where we can talk BS-free but not fun-free sustainability and take our own lives to the next, the better level. It’s the only way!

Because: women. Because: community!

These clutches are of noble heritage… Where “noble” means fair and sustainable.


I must admit, writing about fashion hasn’t been on my radar in March, as the Quest began (Metropolis post, March 1 2013).

But we all gotta wear something, right? Green beauty, fair enough, but we don’t wander round, all clean and glowy, naked!

And so, after the silk post has sparked a few discussions, online and off – thank you, D.A. of Daily Plate of Crazy, for mentioning it in your thoughtful ecofair fashion feature (absolutely read it)! – I decided to give ecofair fashion a chance here.

I plan to talk about more reliable certificates; about the crunch question “can a veggie wear leather”; about the how-to of conscious fashion shopping and reliable brands; about each common fabric and what we need to know in order to make conscious decisions. There’s so much to talk about!

>>> Well, ladies. What do you want to know about ‘green’ Halloween and ecofair fashion? <<<

Happy Funtober!


Geeking out about all things truly green, healthy and ethical over at (Avatar illustration by A. Goncharenko)

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  1. Jayne Ryan (@NovellaDarling)

    Hello, we missed you whist you were away 🙂 I’m curious about leather goods – how on earth do we know what we are buying?? xxx

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