Des Artistes: Art x Fashion x Eco x Charity

Bringing together art and sustainability, the Munich-based brand Des Artistes offers tees, tank tops and sweat shirts that are organic, non-tox, and artistic.


Fashion September on BEAUTYCALYPSE celebrates slow fashion, organic fashion, sustainable fashion – and the pitfalls of everything that’s none of that.
So far we’ve talked about the textile industry (a little) and fashion & luxury industry, had a more detailed view on the new dangers of the Silk Road, and improved our wardrobes in order to get more slow-fashion-shopping-savvy.

While the ethical question “what can you wear” starts pushing “who do you wear” aside more and more, I’m very pleased that I can at least stock up, with good conscience, on organic basics like tanks and tees that not only look cool but do good – with Des Artistes.”


I really l-o-v-e brands founded by friends – and couples.
Maybe it’s my cheesy side, hidden deep inside my black heart, or maybe it’s my understanding of a creative family, starting a business together.
Or maybe it simply goes back to my childhood spent in the cosiness and bliss of a select, loyal circle of friends, and back to the childhood dream – I knew back then it was impossible – to run a company together with all my friends, and to live in the same beautiful town…
But I digress; let’s meet Polly and Frederik!


Et voila, here are Polly and Frederik Bäumler who have launched Des Artistes in 2008 in Munich.


Sharing both a fashion background and passion for modern art, the couple aims at carrying art literally to the streets using the medium of fashion – conscient, slow, organic fashion that is.

The idea of Des Artistes?
The fine organic cotton of the tees, sweats and tops is the canvas for established and emerging visual artists alike; and their paint is, well, a water-based, non-toxic fabric dye.
All prints are limited, and the artist’s name is included on the label.

“Who are you wearing?” gets an artistic twist, because with Des Artistes you could say “Patti Smith” or “Edward Mapplethorpe” or “Ai Weiwei” – these and other luminaries of art, such as Elvira Bach or The Zhou Brothers, have teamed up with them so far. Charitable cooperation in support of the NGO Doctors without Borders included Ai Weiwei’s artworks and continues in spring 2014 with two motives by Rupprecht Geiger.

If you are an emerging artist yourself, feel free to submit your portfolio for consideration here.

Fall-winter 2013, © des artistes

Tanks 69€;
Tees 79-119€;
Long sleeves 82€;
Sweatshirts 119€.
Online shop: Des Artistes. (As usual, no affiliate or sponsored links.)
Sweet: free shipping on orders to the US, Canada, and the EU.

And who are you wearing today?
DO TELL! xoxo

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