Pale Skin Foundation II: Everyday Minerals Custom Kits [Range Review #7]


What a coincidence! One day you decide to write about mineral foundation for pale skin, next day your custom kit order finally arrives! Swatches, reviews – this way…


I ordered at the Everyday Minerals site, from the option Custom Kits:
1) One 7 piece custom sample kit (7 Jojoba Base Foundation in colours I was free to pick, 0.17g per sample in resealable sample bags – and I must say, those resealable sample bags totally rock!) for 0.01$
2) One 5 piece custom kit (5 products/ original size: 2 foundations, 2 finishing powders, one blush) for 41.51$

Resealable samples. Everyday Minerals, thumbs up for this sweet option!
The 5 piece custom kit is put together by YOU. Well, this one’s been put together by ME, but you get the idea. And oops, it’s not Jojoba base, but Matte and Semi-Matte.


Everyday Minerals foundations come in four textures:
Semi-Matte, Matte, It, and Jojoba.
What’s so special about the formula of the latter is the added jojoba oil ester. Jojoba ester is a compound that’s highly oxidation-resistant and have been added in its wax-like form to provide a creamy, fine texture. It sticks to the skin better than standard mineral makeup; and the paper I used for the swatches was a tiny bit greasy after the makeup was dusted off.
The foundations are vegan/cruelty-free, free from synthetic chemicals, fragrance-free, free from Bismuth Oxychloride and as far as we know non toxic. (I have written about the toxicity of breathing in Mica, an ingredient widely used in standard powders or in mineral makeup and the uncertainties related to this matter earlier.)
Matte and Semi-Matte is exactly what it says on the jar: matte and matte with a slightly dewy finish. They contain Lauroyl Lysine, an ingredient that can be (=must not, but can be) derived from palmoil. Dang!

The Finishing Dust powders are a fabulous anti-shine product.
Made from corn starch, blackcurrant extract and Mica-free they powders have a “grainy” feel compared to the foundations, and provide no additional colour.
The Finishing Dust products are vegan/cruelty-free, free from synthetic chemicals, fragrance-free and as far as we know non toxic. They contain no Mica, no Bismuth Oxychloride

The Cheeks Color – I ordered “Wild Flower Heaven”, a cool, mauve shade with distinct lilac tones – contains a possibly palm-oil derived ingredient (a fact I’ve failed to notice 😦 Dang 2!) but is otherwise a standard mineral-based product and a colour to die for! (So I certainly hope it’s palmoil-free!)


From left to right:
Natural Ivory – pale pink (frankly, I’ve expected “ivory” to have a yellow undertone),
Alabaster – an even paler pink,
Shell Blanc – a very pale, slightly warm yellow tone.
From left to right:
Honey – a warm medium tone (the photos in the store suggested a pale tint), good as a bronzer for pale skin,
Vanilla – a very fair almost neutral colour with a warm undertone, a tad too pale for Yours Truly,
Sand – undertones similar to Vanilla, but a bit darker.
From left to right:
Sesame – the colour is a cool, light pink; not too pale, but fair,
Light Olive (Matte) – light olive tone,
Olive Fair (Semi-Matte) – darker than its matte counterpart.
From left to right:
Wild Flower Heaven – a very cool, pastel, somewhat chalky mauve shade, advertised as “coral” and “gold” for an unknown reason,
Sunlight Finishing Dust – as you can see, it’s not designed to cover the skin but to powder it in order to absorb fat, with cool yellow undertones,
Finishing Dust – same product with cool pink undertones.

That’s been my Everyday Minerals haul that leaves me quite pleased with my selection both colour-wise and ethics-wise (it’s a cruelty-free, toxin-free, petrochemicals-free, preservatives-free, fragrance-free line) – if with one open question re one ingredient (used in Matte, Semi-Matte, and the Blush).

Haven’t found your perfect shade?
Questions about your undertone?


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  1. […] Everyday Minerals is quite competitive, too: a good range of colours and different finishes offer plenty of options between matte and dewy. Normal size Foundation comes at about 14.50€ per 4.80g jar. You can purchase Everyday Minerals 7-piece custom kits of sample sized foundations (for $0.01!) or standard sized 5-piece custom kits, and they will ship internationally (for the record, it will take a while). Go to their site, select “Custom Kits” on the left and choose your options! NB: Sometimes the retailers carry sample size sets too. Keep an eye at your fave green beauty shop. UPDATE: A review of my purchase (1 7-piece, 1 5-piece kit) is up! […]

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