My Beautician… In a Jar! [Clean Beauty Rut #5]

Please meet: the latest (fab!) update to my new, moisturiser-free beauty routine (the one I started in May) – an all-natural, 100% active ingredients peeling mask.

“If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin”
Dr Alkaitis, brand slogan

I so identify with this slogan. After all, our skin is an organ, it absorbs things – why should I let it absorb stuff I wouldn’t eat?
Think about this simple idea! 😀alkaitis-opener-technicolor

Oh, and what is “100% active ingredients” anyway?

It’s when a product isn’t made of fillers (silicones, water, paraffin, carrier oils…) but completely consists of the good stuff. Sounds good, hu?
Do your math reading the ingredients list, just for the fun of it! Of course you’ll normally never be able to tell how much exactly is active, but anyway, it’s a funny guessing game – because normally you purchase a cream/mask/gel etc. where only a fraction is active.

Open the jar and behold! Look at all them active ingredients! 😉


Having started my “Ditch Moisturisers” routine, I soon discovered the need for a deeper cleansing.

In fact, I don’t think you can skip peelings/deep cleansing if you wear foundation on a daily basis. Even if it’s pure mineral foundation.

By chance, I was introduced to Dr Alkaitis Organic Enzyme Exfoliating Mask (100 ml, 55€, designed for approx. 20 applications) and just reading the ingredients list made me curious:

Organic Oat Buds*, Blueberry*, Bilberry*, Strawberry*, Raspberry*, Grapes* and Blackberry*; Extracts of Barley Grass*, Turmeric* and Cat’s Claw; Enzyme Exfoliating Complex (Cellulase, Lipase, Lactase, Protease Complex, Xylinase, Amylase, Bromelain, Papain, Maltase, Beta-Glucanase, Invertase, Pectinase, Mannanase, Phytase, Alpha-Galactosidase, Arabinosidase, Glucoamylase).


The fine powder has the look and feel – and smell – of oat flour, the style you buy for a quick breakfast.
And how strong is the olfactory power indeed! I let this innocent scent totally fool me into thinking this was just another soft cleanse. Ha! Way off!

The impact of this enzyme peeling mask is incredible. Incroyable.


After the first application, I could see the effect the following day.
The skin was rosy, the pores tightened, several blemishes dried out. None too dramatic, but pretty good already.

After the second application, the effects were immediate and lasting:
1. Visibly cleaner skin, similar to coming home from a cleansing treatment with a very skilled beautician (I had one who did magic, but unfortunately couldn’t help chatting and gossiping ALL THE TIME. Tedious).
2. Unexpectedly last year’s sun damage was wiped away almost completely. My skin is really appreciative of enzyme peelings, so it’s not new to me that it works, I just didn’t expect it; whyever.
3. The skin was a bit dryer than normal, but nothing an extra puff of thermal water and a bit of pure organic face oil could not fix.
4. The skin surface looked evened out.
5. The inevitable PMS breakout was visibly lessened.

But that’s a kind of surprise I like 😉


It is suggested to use the mask once a month, and this is definitely good advice.
More often uses would make your skin too dry, and not any cleaner.
People with berry allergies or enzyme sensitivity shouldn’t use this product.


Again and as always – no affiliate links or hidden ads here! Just links.
You can buy the mask online here (Dr Alkaitis online shop, USA/Canada), here (German distributor’s online shop).
For a shop finder in UK, the Netherlands, and Belgium, click here.

Do you have a beauty product that works / performs / delivers on a par with a real treatment? Do tell!


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      1. Mostly I am too tired to do anything but slop it on! I used to have lovely facials with drainage but have fallen out of the habit these past few years. (It was hard to be relaxed during the thousands of aftershocks, wondering if any moment you would have to rush outside wrapped only in a towel. My only consolation was the thought that ,if that happened , my face mask would prevent anyone from knowing who the silly looking person was :)) It didn’t ever happen. My skin was beautiful back then. Sigh.

                1. Yes, our area of the city is fine. But we all bear scars, one way or another. All the more reason for looking after ourselves and using beautiful oils and lovely things again 🙂

  1. we always let people know we’re “completely exhausted so must nap – do wake gently when the treatment’s over” – such a relief.

    we’re still using Ponds cold cream over here (seriously) but don’t disabuse us of its awful ingredients – we cannot switch. it’s a moviestar 1930s thing.

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