How To Organise Your Closet and Prevent Bad Impulse Buying – Permanently! [Style Advice #1]


Because there is *good* impulse shopping, really. Follow me to these 5 super-easy steps that will change your (fashion) life forever!

A bit sensational headline and a rather bold promise, I hear you say? Ha. I could have done even more sensational and bold, but we’re not selling newspapers here (gosh, glad we’re not) so I hope this sensational is enough to keep you guys entertained 😉

An organised wardrobe is The conditio sine qua non to a fabulous, outstanding personal style. Coz let’s be honest. We know a lot of well-dressed people today, a lot of fashion nerds if you wish, but how many people do you personally know who possess True Style in Real Life, not on their street style blog?
Who have their Signature Look?
Who put their mark on every look they pull off?
And what about yourself? Now…


Well, I don’t consider myself somebody who has Great Style, but I definitely do have Personal Style.
If you see somebody in custom-made blue jeans (with silver seams, gotta love ’em), goth-style hoodie and patent leather brogues, it’s possibly me.
Or lace dress sans lining over a vintage underdress, with a silk scarf and somewhat worn out Magnum boots – could be me. Little black dress, jewel-coloured tights and leo print sneakers – well, hellooooooow 🙂


It’s your physique that makes things work or fail on you that fail or work, respectively, on somebody else.

Yours Truly for example looks extremely, housewife-y dull in elegant head-to-toe; looks elegant in punk clothes; and androgynous and effin’ awesome in tacky/crazy stuff. (I don’t pull off the latter anymore though. I’ll think about why another day. I also don’t wear high heels anymore, and still – my shoes rock hard. But I digress.)

So: If you discover, by hard shopping work or by chance that things look on you differently – in a good way – for Heaven’s sake, grab and run.


So you have that special something that not just makes people recognise your style (“Oh, that’s very You” compliments) but also lets you stand out in a non-Gaga-esque way (“Where do you shop?” style compliments). For example, you rock simple t-shirts like nobody else or have found that ankle boots make your legs look like a tights ad, whatever it is.

Now you should start building your wardrobe around it. Because: Why bend towards an ideal you will never achieve – insert famous Dr. Seuss or Oscar Wilde quotes here 😀 Also: It’s fun!

STEP 1. Buy a Moleskin-style, pocket sized notebook. It should have a sturdy cover, a back pocket, and be small enough to fit into your handbag – but be big enough to hold your scribbles. Optional: Personalise or hack it to your liking.

STEP 2. Buy, print or DIY a size chart that holds all sizes you might need for buying everything from underwear to shoes to gloves to rings to hats!
It’s also très helpful to add personal preferences, for example: ideal hem length, calf width (one with tights on, one with your fave winter jeans/trousers on), a colour you keep buying but never wear, whatever is important for your look.
Optional: a ribbon or a measuring tape. I have an actual ribbon, but those paper tapes you get for free at IKEA do the trick even better 😉


STEP 3. Get all your clothes OUT of the closet, everything. You’ll want to go to the biggest room in your house/flat.
And really, get out EVERYTHING. EVERY BLOODY piece of clothing, be it pants or gloves.
Now, sort out things you bought for the crazy case you channel Miley Cirus or Anna Piaggi (if you know you never will). Tuck away for another day, today we’re aiming at the good stuff.
Next, sort out all things you never wore because they never fit. Put away for selling, gifting, charities.
Now, sort out things you never wear but can’t throw away (vintage pieces, designer pieces, your grandma’s wedding dress – whatever).  Put them away with a bit more care, but still – aside. We don’t want them in our new, reorganised closet.
Divide things into groups: dresses to dresses, tangas to tangas, tights to tights,  sweaters to sweaters, coats to coats… You get the idea.
Now comes the best part: take snapshots OR scribble them, one group per double page of your notebook.

If they don’t fit on one double page, make smaller groups (minidresses – little black dresses – long dresses – summer silk dresses etc.). Keep in mind though that a group is more than one item, okay?”


Now is the right time for another optional step (you Pigpen): Clean and air your wardrobe; maybe buy scented paper or those little lavender bags; throw away old, broken or fugly hangers (seriously? wire hangers?); get garment bags for your finest pieces etc. – in short: Make La Casa Closet ready for the guests!

STEP 4. Put your clothes back into your wardrobe, group per group. 

STEP 5. Use your new style notebook to keep track of great styling or fabulous fashion trends (start at the end of the book and take notes there – year, season, or magazine issue). Get as creative as you can – I sometimes tuck in tiny bits of lace or fabric to help me find a perfect match.
This will help you maintain your style without compromising while being up to date fashion-wise.


I have found it extremely helpful to keep this little helper on me – it prevents me from buying things I own but forgot about (hello, ten thousands black polo necks), really like a personal stylist in your pocket! The good thing – you can make it as helpful as you need it, and you’ll look terribly pro in every boutique. “Why, let me check…” 😀 So, next to the…

…Inofficial step 6: HAVE FUN & ROCK IT!

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  6. i don’t see myself drawing my clothes into a moleskin but i like the idea. and your encouragement to find stuff that is simply “yours”. xx

    • aaaah, so good to have you back! <3<3<3

      you could snap chic instagram pictures and have your closet on display ALL THE TIME 😀

      and yes, I'm all pro finding "something special".

  7. fantastic idea. can you please also help me find the three days to do this? ok ok ok, i can see that it can be a gradual process too. love the thinking. and the idea of a style book. me #likey

    • well *I* can, but will you follow my advice? *evilgrin*

      re: style book – it’s uber-helpful. helps you keep your cool when window shopping. I’ve already reached the zen-like state of “don’t look good on me/ no chance I wear it in this lifetime/ will make me look ridiculous” when checking fashion shows or photo shoots 😀

      • Would like to see BC create a style book with tips inside in random pages. Like a diary but style diary. Not per day, but per element in life including the Green beauty tips. Please make and I’ll order 10 for my girlfriends for Xmas. Consider this, a firm bestellung.

  8. You are an inspiration 🙂 I am at that stage of the year when I actually want to throw everything out and look at an empty closet. However, I do have one good point. My closet has no doors, (on purpose). So everything has to be very organised and tidy all the time.