Kiss – and Tell! (Are Organic & Vegan Lip Glosses Any Good?) Product Battle #2

TBH I’m not much of a lip gloss *fan*. I hate it when stuff keeps sticking to my lips: strands of hair, drinking straws, fruit flies (yikes!), random men… 


…Some glosses should be labelled “lip glues”!

My lip product of choice? Lip liners.  Shade and go, so to say. Sadly, most of them contain Palm Oil based ingredients, that are rarely Sustainable Palm Oil based.

But I digress.
So, when I was shopping mineral foundations the other day, two lip glosses caught my eye (hey, I’m just a girl!) and were shopped spontaneously.
Well, as spontaneously as Yours Truly can get: After a check using, my INCI Crystal Ball of Choice.

You know, I stopped using standard lip glosses a gazillion years ago; not just due to the sensation of having glue on my lips, I just didn’t feel like eating this stuff. In fact, standard lip glosses are a pretty gross business – mineral oils, allergy-inducing or cancerogenous pigments, plasticisers, cheap paraffin-based waxes, chemical sweeteners, BHT (allergy-inducing and critical for embrios), pesticide-contaminated lipids… You get the idea.


Lip Whip is a gorgeous name for a lip product, don’t you think?
Indeed, this texture is not really similar to your classic lipgloss – it’s more like a lip tint (if you’re familiar – those very liquid products), just in oil.
Basically, it’s tinted lip oil. You can’t wear too much of it, because it will actually drip down. But worn in a thin layer, it enhances the natural colour just beautifully, feels silky smooth on the lips and is not glue-y at all.
The colour “Berry” – Inika offers four shades, bright orange “Peach”, cool pink “Melon”, Berry, and golden tan “Apricot” – looks fab in the tube and is soft and transparent when applied.

Made of Ricinus (Castor) Oil, Mica, Carnauba Wax, natural Vitamin E, Sweet Orange Peel Oil, and pigments (Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Chromium Oxide – the latter components aren’t considered recommendable, but I couldn’t find any evidence why exactly), some databases list Macadamia Oil, Beeswax, and Silica – these two seem to stem from an earlier formula.
I can’t shake the feeling that INIKA designed the four colours with the old Winter-Spring-Summer-Autumn Colour Me Beautiful thing in mind.
You have two cool colours, two warm colours; two soft colours, two bright colours…
If it was so – I’m just guessing – I think I picked “Winter”. It looks good against my pale, but olive-toned skin. Okay, let’s just say; it looks great against green skin 😀
I somehow dislike about this product that you can totally smell and taste Castor Oil! (And I know this smell, because my Mum used to apply Castor Oil to her eyebrows, in an attempt to make them grow.)
Major problem though – this Lip Whip isn’t designed to work with lip liners. It melts them down (logically: it’s almost pure oil) and together, they wander happily up and down your tiniest wrinkles around the lip contour… Basically it’s designed to be worn on its own, and then it looks gorgeous.
If you don’t care for Castor Oil scents or lip liners, grab this perfectly non-sticky, very rich Lip Whip that will definitely protect your lips during the colder days to come. Kiss proof yes – chapstick-style.


Offered in five glossy and shimmery shades – pretty neutral and soft Peachy Keen, very pink Scandalips, a more quiet shade of pink called English Rose, the rosewood tinted Damson Dusk, and Cocktail, a neutral tan – Lily Lolo’s Lip Gloss looks fabulous and smells like chocolate truffles.
It has a more gloss-like texture than Inika’s Lip Whip, and is as good as lip care. The colour is quite intense; and it’s really, really glossy.
My colour pick, the mauve-y, rosewood-tinted Damson Dusk is perfect for anyone with a pale, but olive complexion – it looks perfectly elegant and polished. Other colours look just as dainty and refined. Even Scandalips is pretty tame.
It’s a tiny bit sticky and you should have perfectly peeled lips when you wear it.

A really good alternative for standard lip glosses. Lovely scent. Not kiss proof.



This one was a pain in the really hard to shoot.
But I think it’s really showing that INIKA gives just a healthy, natural shine and only a hint of colour, while with Lily Lolo you can really see the contour, and how glossy it is.

I’m still not a gloss lover; but I am keeping these two in my beauty case because I like to have different textures at hand for different looks, and I like both colours and how they wear.
Now if you love glosses, and use them daily, you might want to double-check the ingredients – and if in doubt, you’re warmly welcome to ask your beauty questions here!


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