Introducing: My New Assistant! | Writer Life Quest #3

As announced yesterday, BEAUTYCALYPSE was in desperate need of a cute model for the Fashion Month and beyond. I’m very happy to introduce…


Sometimes I doodle.
Sometimes I illustrate things digitally.
Sometimes I make things of paper: cards, gift wraps.
I love beautifully bound notebooks, beautiful books, and I collect particularly nifty press releases and lookbooks.


So while I adore the digital life, I love paper as a creative medium.
Quite often, I get paper cuts.
One day I thought further, examining a little blood stain on a piece of paper.
And the Vampire Paper Dolls were born.
I give the floor to…



I’m Vally. I’m a Vampire Paper Doll.
I like posing and dressing up.
I like fake lashes.
I like jewellery and veiled hats.
And boots.


Last time BEAUTYCALYPTIQUE went to her literary reading, I followed her – for the first time.
In the taxi, we silently discussed that if I’d happen to like other people, I could take up the job as BEAUTYCALYPSE fashion assistant.
I liked the reading. It was fun.
I wore my “I heart zombies” t-shirt and kitty makeup.
Because I like Halloween.


I love to wear lace with glitter. And pastel colours. 
BEAUTYCALYPTIQUE likes bold colours. 
But I could convince her that pastels look adorable against my pale skin.


I like Absinth, and chocolate, and berries, all those things that stain paper.
I don’t like glue.

I like short sentenses.

I also like simple but lush home decorations, textures, and hanging around in beautiful frames.
And now I’m looking forward to my first job!

Good night…

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  1. Your adorable ‘new assistant’ sounds totally perfect and you are totally talented. Good luck to you both with fashion week, I am sure she will be worth her weight in gold or should that be paper! 😉

  2. Vally, welcome to our weird and wonderful world. You come from a long and honourable tradition of paper doll assistants. Way way back in my awesome pre teen years, I made your long lost cousins and great great great aunts. I made them as fashionable as possible but YOU are far, far superior in every way. Have fun!