As announced yesterday, BEAUTYCALYPSE was in desperate need of a cute model for the Fashion Month and beyond. I’m very happy to introduce…


Sometimes I doodle.
Sometimes I illustrate things digitally.
Sometimes I make things of paper: cards, gift wraps.
I love beautifully bound notebooks, beautiful books, and I collect particularly nifty press releases and lookbooks.


So while I adore the digital life, I love paper as a creative medium.
Quite often, I get paper cuts.
One day I thought further, examining a little blood stain on a piece of paper.
And the Vampire Paper Dolls were born.
I give the floor to…



I’m Vally. I’m a Vampire Paper Doll.
I like posing and dressing up.
I like fake lashes.
I like jewellery and veiled hats.
And boots.


Last time BEAUTYCALYPTIQUE went to her literary reading, I followed her – for the first time.
In the taxi, we silently discussed that if I’d happen to like other people, I could take up the job as BEAUTYCALYPSE fashion assistant.
I liked the reading. It was fun.
I wore my “I heart zombies” t-shirt and kitty makeup.
Because I like Halloween.


I love to wear lace with glitter. And pastel colours. 
BEAUTYCALYPTIQUE likes bold colours. 
But I could convince her that pastels look adorable against my pale skin.


I like Absinth, and chocolate, and berries, all those things that stain paper.
I don’t like glue.

I like short sentenses.

I also like simple but lush home decorations, textures, and hanging around in beautiful frames.
And now I’m looking forward to my first job!

Good night…

9 replies on “Introducing: My New Assistant! | Writer Life Quest #3

  1. Your adorable ‘new assistant’ sounds totally perfect and you are totally talented. Good luck to you both with fashion week, I am sure she will be worth her weight in gold or should that be paper! 😉

      1. I think it would be no Van Gogh. I’m fine with doodling and some calligraphy right now! 😀

  2. Vally, welcome to our weird and wonderful world. You come from a long and honourable tradition of paper doll assistants. Way way back in my awesome pre teen years, I made your long lost cousins and great great great aunts. I made them as fashionable as possible but YOU are far, far superior in every way. Have fun!

    1. Vally says “thank you very much”. She can’t answer herself this moment, because she’s being prepped for a photo shoot.

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