Knock, Knock! September Speaking! Would you please let me in?

Do you love September as much as I do? The gnats and flies are gone, but the sun is warming, and Nature’s colours say “relax, you’ve earned it!”


September is also my vacation month AND of course *the* Fashion Month.


But anyway, this is what I’m trying to tell y’all:

In September I’ll bring you cool eco/fair fashion brands, brands that promote fashion fun and responsibility in the same chic move. We’ll have fancy bags and clutches, and we’ll have cozy artsy tees. We’ll look at the fabrics – leather, silk – and I’ll try to find out just how cruelty-free and responsible good looks can be. We’ll try to focus more on uncompromised personal style than on fashions and try to reorganise our closets, revamp our vintage pieces, deal with toxic compliments (“You look gorg! Have you been on a diet?”) and much, much more!

I’m having a blast researching those, despite all the pitfalls of “Oh, I found something gorgeous!” turning “Ooo, the fine print makes it look like crap.”

To find all posts of this awesome series (because I always enjoy myself making up silly names, the two series will be named Mardi Mode and Fashion Friday Update: meeh, I changed my mind, just Slow Fashion 😀) and a few fashion highlights from BEAUTYCALYPSE’s short past, please use the tag “Slow Fashion” – or click at the sweet Eye-Catcher to your right, that will pop up soon (tick-tack) – above the Blog Roll!


Beauty won’t go short, neither. After all, it’s BEAUTYcalypse!

I’ll tell you my tale of finding a perfect foundation for fair, ah shucks, for palissimo skin and of navigating betweet “too yellow!” or “too pink!”; we’ll look at the power of a new lipgloss; we’ll detox our beauty case some more (hair dye! mascara! more perfumes! more nail art!) and learn one thing or two about natural, clean beauty tricks & treatments (with reviews of course).

September is the month of our – social – renewal. Holidays are over. We now want a new haircut, a new lipstick, the city’s social life awakens – and we want to be part of it and to look good being part of it 😉 So we’ll have a closer look at clean hair styling products (yup; it exists), at red lips, at skin care during colder days, and at foundation tricks to help us look fantastic in artificial light (using mineral makeup, of course).

Are you as excited as I am yet!?

Ha, I see someone yawn in the rear row. HEY!


And last not least, don’t miss my lovely new assistant, whose name and likeness will be revealed tomorrow!


Have a fabulous last day of August today 😉


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  1. Heather in Arles

    Ooh, good point Jayne! Me too! Although you already have my allegiance forever… 😉
    Looking forward to the whole kit n’kaboodle and meeting the new assistant, of course.

  2. Oh I love September! Already the light is different and the unstructured summer clothes are now thankfully in a box… I noticed you said red lips – well if you can help me find a pillar box red matching lipstick and nail colour which is non-toxic, I will love you forever darling!

      1. Cool! I can never find anything that matches and have decided my September will be black and white basics – chunky Chanel like jewelry – red lips and nails and OMG just found out my neighbour has an original 4′ Karl Lagerfeld Minnie Moose in her hoose (she’s Scottish 🙂

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