Motivation Monday surprisingly returns with…

…random web trouvailles for your (and my) entertainment! Have a short fun break right now with these *five links* that made my (Mon)day.


(1) Have you ever heard of the (very strange) theory that there are only 12 face types for all of mankind? If it was true, wouldn’t you say that David Bowie, Joan Collins, Linda Evangelista, and Mila Jovovich all share one face type (a gorgeous one, while we’re at that)? Because I would. A lot to think about! What lookalikes do come to your mind?
It’s also a convenient transition to the next trouvaille.

(2) If you need to lift up your spirits with a bit of old school St. Tro glamour, read Joan Collins’ news post called “THE SPECTATOR .. AUGUST 17TH 2013..”. It’s funny – and wicked.

(3) Wicked humour can be found anytime on my favourite time-waster Cake Wrecks. Just check out this new delivery of wrecked cakes and hilarious puns at the decorators’ and bakers’ costs. (They had it coming.)

(4) Nothing to laugh at, just pretty fabulous is the next find. If you, like me, love seasonal(-ness) and decorating, you’ll appreciate to bits this stunning heart shaped wreath made of Dahlias and succulents. Seasonal flowers – though I always prefer them alive in the garden – have so much more charm than exotic orchids you see throughout the year – and really can’t tell if they’re real or plastic.

(5) Strolling through the digital black-and-white gardens of Miss Vicky, I’ve been surprised with a 50 Sheds of Grey mock Tumblr. It’s rediculously fun. I’ve even put it as my Skype status after lunch to troll my friends a bit 😉

Now that’s been enough funny procrastination for a Monday, I think. Happy Monday, Adventurers!

(Oh, there are two more posts on beauty and healthy cooking in the making, by the way. So I’m not only procrastinating…)


Geeking out about all things truly green, healthy and ethical over at (Avatar illustration by A. Goncharenko)

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  1. those naughty sheds…….*giggling*

    and Ms. Joan Collins getting her own back on rude houseguests was priceless.

    duly motivated over here!

    thanks to you.

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