Carefree! (Lovely: nail art alternative and photo challenge mash-up)

Nothing says “carefree” to me like a little bit of vanity. And after this hard week at work, I simply *need* my go-to manicure alternative. Enjoy!


We’ll see more of nail art alternatives (a new tag!) and more awesomeness here in August, but these sweet stickers come first – they have earned a place in my heart. And so the carefree weekly photo challenge post came in handy!

As usual, a warning: anything that sticks to the skin, like plasters or beauty patches (e.g. undereye patches, blemish cover-ups etc.) can cause allergies, so be careful. It’s FDA-approved and dermatologically tested. I must say I’m prone to allergies myself but since I don’t overdo these stickers, I haven’t experienced any problems yet.

I’ve discovered the Ines de Castilho skin embellishments a while ago, and you might have spotted me wearing them with a highly artificial, fall fashion inspired mani here or here or here.

Now let’s have a closer look!


You might have noticed that I haven’t posted anything since Sunday: I’ve had one hell of a week. It was all good, just immensely much to do.

So what better time than a Friday night to get out some glitter, right?
The sticker set you see here is called “Hand Kit”. It’s from the JARDIN DU NIL collection and comes in black, nude, silver or gold, consisting of four finger stickers and one for the back of the hand. I’m yet to try the crystal bra (gulp, it’s a bit pricey for a glittery sticker, non?) yet I have a couple more “skin jewels”, mostly black. Some of them have Swarovski rhinestones added to the glitter; one has a large emerald green cabochon – just the right thing to replace a glorious necklace I suppose.
Now I’ll let the carefree images speak for themself; instructions follow in the end:

Tips and instructions are printed on the inside of the packaging; love that they don’t waste any space.
Okay, okay, a true nail art aficionado might use these as an *addition* to their chic nail art. But I adore the aesthetics of sharp, glittery, rich floral shapes against bare nails.
Definitely something to sport during holiday… Ibiza? 😉
Unless clothing or actual jewellery rubs off bits of the sticker, it can last up to 3 days. For a carefree night’s sleep, I wear a silky glove (those you get in lingerie stores for handling stockings, not the cotton ones for hand cream treatments).
The stickers are smooth enough to move and stretch with your skin. Doesn’t look like it, but they’re quite comfy.

The trickiest parts are peeling the sticker from its supporting paper (the sticker is very thin and soft, and if you don’t watch closely, it’s likely to start sticking to anything next to it… it’s very clingy ;)) AND placing it on your skin. But it’s no rocket science either!

>>> Complete range by Ines de Castilho (not an affiliate link; as usual)



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  1. Ooohhh! I like these – have been researching Indian wedding tattoos for Shanti and have fallen in love with body art – was wondering how I could get something that’s not permanent – Thanks for sharing Miss B

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