Easiest Beauty DIY *ever*: Bronzing shimmer oil | DIY Quest #3

A fun DIY beauty project for everybody – even if you hate DIY. (My go-to self tanner alternative) As cruelty-free, non-toxic and palm-oil-free as you make it.

Initially this simple recipe was to be part of my RANT ABOUT SELF TANNERS – but I felt it was too much for one post. Now, together with this review of my favourite face bronzing powder, I’m actually shooting three posts on one day – which is a premiere here 😀


You’ll need an oil of your choice.
Tip: I used food-grade, fair trade organic coconut and argan oil and Blyss virgin single bean cocoa butter (Blyss Chocolate). I’ve also added shimmer to a store-bought carrot oil by Melvita.
You only need a teaspoon for face and shoulders, and maybe a tablespoon for the body oil.


You’ll need mineral shimmer pigments of your choice, golden, bronze, pink or white, whatever you like – the cleanest you can find (talc-free etc.).
Tip: great bronze and copper shades are to be found in pure mineral eye shadow ranges! You’ll need just a few pinches – it’s an oil, not a paste.


1, 2, 3 – READY!

On a warm summer day you won’t need to melt coconut oil, but you’ll need a bain-marie for cocoa butter. Don’t roast it, though – gently warm it until it’s a golden liquid. I found coconut oil to be the greasiest option; argan oil was the finer pick; and cocoa butter feels soft and silky, not oily at all on the skin.

3-argan-prep 4-coconut-prep 5-cacaobutter-prep 6-carrot-oil-prep

Then add shimmer pigment and stir – voila, you’re ready! Addictive, isn’t it? 😉

The darkest bronze pigment made the most natural dark tone. The fine argan oil is easy to spread – no streaks!
Here I’ve mixed bronze with copper, because I figured it would add some extra dimension. The tricky bit is the slippery coconut oil that takes a while until it’s absorbed by skin – makes this oil somewhat streaky. Though I adore coconut oil, I’ll probably take jojoba next time, because it’s nearly as fine as argan.
White mica and golden shimmer can’t help you fake tan, but I just wanted a “white chocolate” style lip balm to be honest 😉 I’ve applied the oil here while it was liquid. When it’s cold, it’s back to solid.
Positively yellow, despite a somewhat pink-copper tone of shimmer added. Next time I’ll try to tone it down with a pinch of blue or violet mineral pigment.

That’s it for today 😉

Have a fun Sunday, Adventurers!

P.S.Behind the DIY scenes 🙂


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