Berries, berries, berries! | Powerfood Chronicles #1

It leaked earlier: I love berries! They are sweet antioxidative wonders with low GI; and due to a very hot summer, there’s an abundance of fresh berries.

sweetcherriesBerries… Nature’s original sweet & sour drops and lollies – with immense health benefits. Local grown, organic berries are just as much a SUPER FOOD as are exotic goji, acai and whatstheirface berries. Berries are are a fave with many nutritionists – low in calories, rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre – what’s not to love?

Professeur Béliveau suggests in his famous book on nutrition in cancer prevention that you should consume 1/2 cup of either raspberries, blueberries or blackberries + 1/2 cup of grapes + 1/2 cup of cranberries on a daily basis as part of your healthy diet. It’s really the easiest part of his suggestions for me apart from grapes, I don’t fancy grapes. Research shows, I could possibly substitute them with blueberries, so I can eat more raspberries (my fabourite)…

“OK, WE GET IT, BERRIES ARE GOOD FOR YOU!” – Now, let’s get the facts straight.


My favourite! Because you can blow them. He hehe he.
Sorry 😀

Raspberries with chopped fresh mint – my fave soy yoghurt topping.

No, they really are my fave berries: sweet and sour, beautifully fragrant, sensually silky – and that colour! The real perks of raspberries are: they’re low-cal, rich in fibre (20% fiber per total weight, wow!), low-sugar (<5 g in 100 g), contain manganese (40% daily value per 1 cup serving!), calcium, magnesium, folic acid, copper, iron, vitamins C (>50% of daily value per cup!) and E, and powerful, antioxidant phytochemicals such as carotenoids, anthocyanin pigments, flavonoids, and more.

On a common sense note: these values don’t apply to strawberry smoothies – there the sugars prevail. Research also suggests that eating whole fruit and chewing the seeds, too!

One more shot. I love raspberries.


Hello, beautiful! They look like blue velvet, don’t they?

Porridge love! Sprinkled with “Kleene Lene”, my fave raw sugar/ spices blend by Herbaria (it contains granulated berries, lemons – and loads of cinnamon), blueberries add a gourmet touch to the grains (chia, puffed quinoa, oat, canihua).

Blueberries are subtle. They contain a vast variety of powerful antioxidants, cancer-beating (-preventing) antocyanins, even resveratrol – that uberhealthy stuff from grapes – is found. Research links blueberry consumption with lowering blood sugar (I double that effect by adding blood-sugar-busting cinnamon), beneficial stress-reducing effects, positive blood pressure regulation. While blueberries contain more sugar than raspberries, their GI is as low as 4.blueberriesINTERESTING FACT >>> In Europe, especially in Germany, cultured blueberries are considered the most natural and healthy berries because pesticide use is banned and “natural” cures are used instead (good insects that fight the bad insects). As far as I know, while organic farms in the US have implemented this natural method as well, the FDA says conventional cultured blueberries are potentially pretty harmful. US health/food experts consider blueberries one of the “dirty dozen” that you better should buy in organic quality.


The only thing I miss here are Wild Strawberries. Those minuscule red wonders that sit in the grass, where simple white blossoms sat before. The joy of finding them, hidden under the distinct, fragrant, elegantly pleated leaves. We’d pluck them and string them on a freshly found grass stalk…

I digress 🙂

Fraise Gothique: I don’t know – is it just late strawberries? They happen to be of a vampire-y deep, blackened red these days! And huge, too! Me likey! v°°°°v (<- These are fangs, OK?)

Strawberries can cause severe allergies, which is a pity because they’re by far a more powerful vitamin C source than oranges, and a source of fiber, manganese, folate and potassium, and of course, various antioxidants.


Sour cherries a.k.a. tart cherries a.k.a. wild cherries are, as one of the names suggests, sour. The many different local sweet cherry varieties are the base for preserves, jams, juices, pies, dried fruit, beverages etc. you can enjoy throughout the year.  I rarely see fresh sour cherries here in Berlin, so whenever I spot their very distinct, bright “cocktail cherry” red, I run for it.

Benefits: There is research running to prove whether sour cherries – high in melatonin – can help cure insomnia (!), pain and inflammations and reduce stroke, cardiovascular and diabetes risks.

Sour cherries – just red. Like plastic. And really, really sour.

Sweet cherries a.k.a. bird cherries are the sweeter variety, just as packed with antioxidants. It’s been documented that sweet cherries protect neuronal cells (potential help for Alzheimer patients) and help fight arthritis symptoms. They’re also rich in fibre and good for our digestive health.

Lovely dark sweet cherries.
Yellow sweet cherries – drops of sunshine!


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  7. I love berries. This morning’s breakfast – blueberries and yogurt but oops next time I better check where the blueberries I buy come from.

    • it’s always good to ask 😉 good morning!

  8. I want more berries and cherries NOW. But fresh and organic will not be available for a few months yet. Then it is time to go wild! And dig my fangs in. By the way, I love those fangs 🙂 In the meantime, we do have very good frozen Organic blueberries.

    • I see. me too, I use frozen organic berries literally all the time in winter: porridge, my skyrim-style crostata… just whenever they are available fresh I go berry crazy. I’m like the berry pacman 😀 om nom nom nom…

  9. we ADORE berries.

    (except blueberries – never liked them)

    strawberries and greek yoghurt = YUM.

    • my blueberry is the blackberry. simply don’t like it.

      isn’t it lovely from La Nature to have provided us with delicious snacks that are so good for us too!?

  10. I can eat strawberries and cherries the whole day… Addiction!
    Of course, basically all berries are truly yummy.

    • I only don’t like blackberries and grapes, I can’t say why 🙂 because berries are aaaawesome!