I’m a sucker for unexpected stuff, for real X-in-1 products and for elegance. And this one is unexpected, 2-in-1 and elegant. Here’s why!



I’ve discovered this SANTÉ dental med toothpaste vitamin B12 (75 ml tube, 4.95€) at my fave Olde Xylitol Shoppe. They carry xylitol toothpaste for obvious reasons (find out about xylitol and its benefis for dental health here) – but this one was new to me.

The INCI check doesn’t reveal anything harmful* – as far as Codecheck.info is concerned, this is your perfect toothpaste.

Sceptical at first, I was nevertheless quite curious, and since I’ve been attested with a lack of vitamin B12, I looked closer and read the description. None of SANTÉ’s promises sounded like snake oil:
+ tested by dentists, this toothpaste gave testers 60% increase in Vitamin B12 after 4 weeks of application (twice a day; Institute of Clinical Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Magdeburg, Germany);
+ the elegant part is: the mucous membranes absorb the vitamin (as they do with anything absorbable) as you brush your teeth – brilliant;
+ in addition, vitamin B12 fights gum inflammations;
+ the active ingredients are sodium fluoride, xylitol and organic sage, known to protect teeth and gums as well as to fight caries-causing bacteria (xylitol);
+ the natural peppermint oil indisputably gives you a fresher breath;
+ the vitamin B12 used is vegan-safe; in fact the product has been developed together with the German Vegetarier Bund institution.
* On the minus side: Fluoride. 

Detailed description – conveniently printed on the tube (rather than printing a leaflet – thumbs up).


A chronic lack of vitamin B12 isn’t just a problem with vegans and veggies, pregnant women or elder people. An unbalanced diet puts children at risk of vitamin B12 deficiency.
Gluten-rich food has been reported to lower the absorption of vitamin B12 (and other vitamins).
And, as my doctor puts it:
“Naturally vitamin B12 occurs in needed volume only in fresh veal liver. The longer you cook it, the less you get. The older the calf, the less you get. So, when was the last time when any omnivore you know ate a raw veal liver?”

The colour pink comes from the naturally pink colour of the Vitamin B12. So much better than a slice of raw veal liver!

Typical symptoms of a vitamin B12 deficiency are… many. Among others you’ll find depressions, fatigue, irritability (like looking in the mirror on a Friday night, huh?) – shortness of breath, gastrointestinal problems and much more. I think it’s pretty brilliant if you can fight all of that by changing your diet!

Always consult a specialist, though; don’t ever fall for websites, TV shops, whoever sells you the vitamin pills and Co. – while we’re One, as Bono knows, we’re not the Same – and our systems are highly individual! You’re totally worth the extra time and effort. Good luck!

Stay safe, Friends 😉

2015 UPDATE:
Read here my review of the new Fluoride-free, peppermint-free gel formula.sante-tooth-gel_second_review

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      should be fixed now.

      welcome to BEAUTYCALYPSE 😉

  1. Um hmmm, since I seem to have ALL of the syptoms listed of B12 deficiency, this might be worth looking into further!

    1. it might.
      but just FYI: some people need to get vit B12 injections (painful) because their body won’t absorb it if taken orally. I need to ask my ENT who started the nutritional chase with me in the first place (talking about holistic medicine! I love that woman! I came to cure the sinusitis) if it’s the same with mucous tissues. hmmmm.

    2. besides, I’m always for a screening first. a good doc is worth his/her weight in gold, really.

    1. I’m not a fan of “trendy health topics”, but the vit B12 deficiency, just like the vit D deficiency, seems to genuinely have become very common

      1. Vit D is particularly important. New Zealand is involved in a big study to determine the role of Vit D in mulitple sclerosis. Apparently the rates of MS increase dramatically from the North to South of the country which suggests some connection with sunlight or lack of it.

        1. yes, it is! excellent point. and isn’t it fascinating how a whole sunblock industry quickly emerged out of the whole sun ray panic? I know of people who buy SPF 50 to just go on a beach in nizza! that’s so packed with chemicals, so harsh on the skin, and they wonder “why did I get a rash – I was protected?”
          recent research also linked sunray exposure with better cancer cure rates. it’s really a bit of a “now what?” situation. but I prefer to stick with research (and a bit common sense)

            1. me too :/ they’re greasy by design, and if they’re not, they’re full of chemicals.
              but sometimes you need it (mountains, boat etc.)

              again, research shows, non-nano-covered zinc oxide is the safest AND the best bet re: SPF. and the cleanest – so far – product I was able to find was a non-scented one by badger balm. it’s good to know I have it covered if I need sunscreen.

                1. I haven’t checked their complete range for nasties and toxins; just the sunscreen (unscented) and the lip balm. They’re both palm-oil free, as well.

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