Despite the crazy heatwave the Quest to find healthy (= non-toxic) perfumes goes on. Discover my newest (adorable) catch! Also: great for guys!


You might have seen my first test of Farfalla Eau Fraîches called Frangipani trees, Cassis leaves. Another review followed with Farfalla: More natural perfumes, tested. Among other sample sized Eaus, or rather Eaux, that I ordered to test were four mini-sized spray bottles of Acorelle Eaux de Parfums. Acorelle is a French brand, represented in Germany by the natural cosmetics brand Alva.


The Acorelle brand range has surprised me both with a mixed product quality (natural meets conventional) as well as range-wise. But let’s have a look at the brand first.

Acorelle has been founded in 2005 and has its HQ in Estillac, a small town in Lot-et-Garonne (Acquitaine) in South-Western France. My interest in the brand was fueled by their perfumes. Because regarding their fragrances, this is exactly what Acorelle promises: “Toutes nos fragrances sont 100% naturelles et contiennent plus de 85% d’ingrédients issus de l’agriculture biologique” which cuts out the worst there can be in perfumes aka parabenes, lake dyes, phtalates, nitro compounds, all sort of synthetic & bio-accumulating ingredients we definitely don’t want to sit on our skin.


This is the brand’s complete range according to the  company’s website:
Baby care and perfume (this is a cult thing in France and Italy, baby perfumes and mother-and-baby perfumes)
depilatory and pre/post depilatory products of a quite mixed quality (there are all-clean and certified cold/hot wax formulas alongside quite conventional depilatory cream concoctions containing mineral oils, which I think is a weird setup for an organic brand)
– two bleaching products (I admit, this is the second turn-off for me, but I suppose there is still demand for that)
– of course, as a French beauty brand they offer perfumed body oils
– an Ecocert-certified face care (day care + night care + serum)
– and, finally, perfumes – three essential oil mixtures, six Eaux Fraiches, five Eaux de Toilette, and nine Eaux de Parfum.


I went straight for the Eaux de Parfum of course. As I’ve stated before, I look to substitute very classic, niche, fine and rich juices (think Caron, Kilian, Tom Ford, Van Cleef & Arpels, Bulgari, Patou, Humiecki&Graef, Maison Kurkdjian, and far more I have in my vast collection) with their natural counterparts.

One of the online shops I use offered four scents in mini spray bottles for testing. So here’s the loot review:



All four scents I got – JARDIN DES THÉS, LOTUS BAMBOU, VANILLE AMBRÉE and ORCHIDÉE BLANCHE – are pretty long lasting and beautifully made. The Eaux de Parfum range consists of three aromatherapy-like groups: energizing, balancing, and soothing scents. I quite like the idea, because essential oils absolutely can lift the spirits (rosemary, bergamot) or soothe (lavender, cedar wood) or put you in a flirtier mood (ylang-ylang, jasmine).

Announced as a hesperidic tea perfume, this is the lightest of all four. It starts off with very powdery, almost dry notes and develops into a scent that’s as invigorating as a sip of tonic water. Lemon, mint, and iris are normally notes I fancy, but this one hasn’t quite won my heart.
Filed under: energizing scents.
Unisex: This fragrance easily qualifies as unisex, but not of the dull kind.
Reminded me of: Cartier Roadster, the most sublime mint concoction by Mathilde Laurent
Sophistication level of the fragrance: **
Staying power: *

The packaging says “hesperidic flowery chypré”. Now I’m a sucker for chypre notes, but this isn’t a chypre at all. Instead, you get a very balanced, interesting harmony of citrus notes (bergamot, mandarin), sweet orange blossoms and dry notes of cedar wood. A very beautiful, understated, noble scent you could pull off at work easily.
Filed under: soothing scents.
Unisex: absolutely! As I have worn it, my perfume-spoilt darling asked with the expression of utmost innocence in his eyes “mhhh, this is a gents scent, right?” (NB: I’ve heard that a lot if he liked my newest haul.)
Reminded me of: Not a specific perfume, but rahter a whole range of very crisp, understated men’s fragrances (think Creed).
Sophistication level of the fragrance: ***
Staying power: **(*) (slight differences individually)

A very radiant one – made for vanilla lovers. Vanilla is everywhere: this fragrance starts with vanilla and end with vanilla. In the beginning, sparkling vanilla notes meet you with a spicy and balmy richness (a blend Acorelle names “Peru essence”), then the scent sinks onto a soft, beautifully bittersweet bed of almonds, before it turns into a quite carnal vanilla presence in the end.
Filed under: balancing scents.
Unisex: It really depends on how this perfume rocks your skin. It is a vanilla scent, indisputably. Who will dare?
Reminded me of: Interestingly, of no specific vanilla fragrance (I’m not that much into vanilla). It’s just a very warming kind of scent whose sweetness and boldness reminded me of a brand specialising in rose scents – Parfums de Rosine. They always play around roses and their facets. Just the same way as VANILLE AMBRÉE embraces vanilla and makes it a jewel.
Sophistication level of the fragrance: ***
Staying power: ***

My personal favourite so far! I could bathe in it. Anounced a “chypré fleuri épicé”, ORCHIDÉE BLANCHE surprises and delivers.  Since aldehydes are interdits with natural perfumes, it’s not easy to create a powdery scent, which Acorelle managed. The fragrance starts with sweet and powdery notes of orange blossoms and iris and develops into a fruity presense of pear leaves. The advertised “raspberry” notes aren’t perceivable – which is a good sign, because there’s no way to make berry notes naturally. The scent is sweet and fresh at the same time.
Filed under: soothing scents.
Unisex: I know of guys who would totally rock this one.
Reminded me of: Liasons Dangereuses by Kilian (Calice Becker, the perfumer, is a genius). ORCHIDÉE BLANCHE has no woody notes of it, and much less ingredients. It’s also much more lighthearted, but the sensation of something sublime and excitingly contradictory is the same.
Sophistication level of the fragrance: ***
Staying power: ***

Even on sizzling hot days: enjoyable!


It seems I have a new, second favourite in natural scents after having discovered Farfalla’s Nuvola – Acorelle’s Orchidée Blanche!

Despite the heatwave days, all four scents have induced no headache, no unpleasant feelings. Even when wearing a lot of Vanilla Ambrée, people were complimenting the scent for its “lightness” and “softness” rather than asking me to open the window 😉 Lotus Bambou and Jardin des Thés got a little less attention from men; more so from women (“what are you wearing? It’s lovely!”) – which for me totally proves that both fragrances would be great for guys!


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  1. The VANILLE AMBRÉE is my favorite natural vanilla perfume! A second runner up would be VANILLE GOURMANDE by Florame.

    I like the ORCHIDÉE BLANCHE too, but not as much as the yummy vanilla 🙂

  2. Your post is a timely one (for me) – I haven’t worn perfume for over a year and I was contemplating getting some. The last brand I wore was a Liz Earle one, that brand now, I think, taken over by Avon and I wasn’t sure now ‘natural’ it actually is. I hadn’t come across these perfumes so thanks for bringing them to my attention. 😉

    1. oh, I’m very happy to hear that!

      you know, re Liz Earle, whenever in doubt, check the ingredients! I got curious but you find nothing on their website (only how great their perfumers are).

      so if the ingred. list says something like “alcohol, fragrance, coumarin, CL xxxxx” – and no notes re – is it organic, is it natural – then it probably isn’t. if it says something like “alcohol plant extracts (organic), fragrance (blend of organic essential oils), coumarin, linalool…” – then it’s most probably a natural one.

    1. oh you’d certainly like the vanilla ambrée! it has subtle patchouli notes (not old-fashioned at ALL) and it lasts the whole day! I’ve put in on this morning, and my skin still carries the balmy, carnal note of it. even though vanilla isn’t my all times fave, I love this Eau to bits. and as I said, the heat is utterly irrelevant here – no side effects. (but I wouldn’t sunbathe with ANY perfume on, it can cause dark spots and skin damage)

      1. I finally gave up on tanning after all these years and strictly bottle tan and some products work great ! You should do a nice Blog about the differences in product.
        I was using only Jergens Natural Glow EXPRESS but then they changed the formula and I am buying it on Amazon until it runs out. Sometimes I even use Millionaire Mist but its $39.00 a pop. It’s great for your legs though!

        1. P.S. I didn’t do selftan reviews yet bc I haven’t found 100% clean products yet. I have thought of researching some for “prolongated summer” topics but forgot about it 🙂 so thanks for your suggestion! it reminded me of a couple notes I am still to work through 😀

          1. Please let me know if you do! It’s true I didn’t think of that aspect !!

      1. You are so wonderful! Papers Past my favourite source for information and what an excellent article. I love the little nursery rhyme. I will have to research those perfumes more but I know there are some lovely natural fragrances from native plants. This company uses some of them. And a little further from here in Fiji natural fragrances are used I haven’t tried their products but they are popular, I believe. It is poetry day on Friday. We are being asked to put a poem in our pocket. I think I will put that little nursery rhyme around my neck. It is too too sweet.

        1. genuinely happy I was able to pick something you enjoy, both perfume-wise and culturally 🙂

          and pure fiji products sound just lovely, and I see they got points of sale in the UK and in the Czech Rep. will see if they ship and if I can get my hands on that glorious stuff 😉

          1. Hope you are successful. I have already passed on the Maori perfume article to a friend of mine who is interested in native plants and natural fragrances. I am sure the author of the article would be ever so pleased that the words he wrote in 1893 are still appreciated in 2013.

            1. hope so, too! 🙂

              investigating native/natural remedies, fragrances, beauty secrets is an exciting thing to do! I hope to discover more on that matter.
              and yes, isn’t it lovely. from 1893 to 2013. wow. just think of our blogs, 120 years from now! 😉

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