Adventurers, I thought it’s about time to tell you, in a nutshell, about the progress of my “Craziest Challenge a beauty insider can take up“!

“Disclaimer” of sorts:
No medical advice included.
Describes only my experiment, and while I believe that we over-do skin care, our skin is our biggest organ and shouldn’t be approached with bits that we pick up on the Internet. I sure did my share of research and medical consultations prior to this decision!


I’m in my thirties. Time when others consider (or do) Botox, fillers, whatnot – against all odds, I decided to go bare. Ha, well, sort of bare – I completely dismissed all cremes, serums and gels. My skin is damaged by over a decade of careless beauty addiction; it doesn’t take any cream or lotion well for a long period of time. And I’ve had them ALL: dermatologist’s brands; luxury brands; premium brands; organic brands; doctor and pharmacy brands; cult brands and novelty brands. Whoa, what a ride.

So while my skin, hands and neck included, is fair, firm and healthy, and doesn’t really give away my age – no wrinkles, no weird pigmentation (except for a fair amount of freckles), no sagging – it’s really prone to irritation and redness. Foundation? Never without!

So one rainy day end of May I went “cold turkey” on moisturisers and Co, which means:


You can discover my first month’s routine here.


Okay, so it’s 10 weeks tomorrow to be quite precise. Still pretty unbelievable.

How it went so far?

Well, I must say, I have never been happier. We suffer a very, very hot summer this year in Berlin, which would normally wreak havoc on my skin. But I stick to the “pure oils + thermal water + pure mineral makeup + nothing else” regime, and my skin seems to really appreciate it!

So far, the new regime has “unlocked” following “achievements”:
Skin balance: Combination skin, I see ye part! No oily T-zone at lunchtime (remember the heat, guys!) and no itchy dry spots
Skin health: The skin is much less irritated, the spots are visibly reduced (I can tell by the decreasing use of the concealer) and the pores seem somewhat tighter
Skin texture: The skin is soft to the touch and is really beautifully firm. Loving it!

I’m very eager to see where this goes, I really am. I promise an unphotoshopped closeup by the end of next month! *oooh, feeling slightly panicky*



Thermal water spray, natural / virgin oils, thorough makeup removal, healthy diet / lifestyle, hydrationYES.
Liquid makeup, heavy oils (sesame, sunflower), salty food and too much salt/sugar – definitely NO.
Summer basics so far:
Everyday Minerals “Wet Sand” (global review here), couleur caramel shimmery body oil, Wolkenseifen pure deodorant, Talika anti wrinkle oil, Konjac sponge, two Dr. Hauschka “specialists” for a deeper cleanse – and a lot of spare time due to the simplified beaute routine! 😉


19 replies on “Will Ditching Moisturisers Make My Skin Dewy-Glowy-Clean? | Clean Beauty Rut #4

  1. I am loving this! Started to go moisturizer free over 6 months ago and haven’t looked back. I use Dr Hauschka Facial Toner daily and occassionaly Aesop Damascus Face Oil (any insight on that?;) it’s quite rich though so I only use it once a week.
    Would love to know more about your oils too pleeease.

    1. the facial toner is a bliss! am not using right now, went back to the utterly basic thermal water from the pharmacy, which is the best (and by far a cheaper version) in summer when you sometimes start spraying it all over your body! 😀

    2. uhm, oh, aesop isn’t listed with codecheck. you can email me the ingredients, they have to declare.

      though some of their concoctions aren’t as pure as they claim. am sad about talika too: the oil now contains PEGs. duh.

    1. shall review some.
      though mine are mostly from the oils and vinegars aisle at the bio company 😀

      (talika seem to have changed the formula, now it’s with PEGs, nnnnnooooooo!)

  2. Would you believe I am traveling (moisturiser-wise) in the opposite direction. For years I used Argan oil as instead of beauty county jars of moisturizer but last winter I felt my skin was getting drier so I swopped
    back to the regular stuff. I am experimenting with brands and my latest buy is one from the UK brand This Works. I haven’t looked too closely at the ingredient list so I am not sure not ‘natural’ it is. 😉

    1. this works is quite conventional ingredients-wise, yup.
      I think that if dryness occurs, it’s rather worth a health check-up: maybe there’s a lack in vitamins? amino acids?
      my philosophy is that our skin is regulated from the inside by design (nature had no fancy cream in mind I bet ;)), so we must be able to treat it from there.

        1. it always is! especially noticeable when you either kind of lose appetite – or have cravings.

          for example, I overdid the plant-based thing, and ended up with a whole weel of FAT FISH 😀 now I’m taking vitamin B12 pills, and watching my oil balance more carefully, and the fish craving is gone.

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