SOS! Three summer beauty disasters + remedies | Clean Beauty Rut #3

Heat wave and weekend! So I figured I’d share some natural first aid + preventive tips for my “favourite” summer beauty mishaps.


It doesn’t happen to me anymore since I went moisturiser-free, but I still keep my Tatcha Aburatorigami blotting papers around – just in case.

It’s the cleanest product of the Tatcha brand AND the cleanest blotting paper formula I’ve ever seen.
How can you mess up a blotting paper, you’ll ask?
Oh, easily: Most of them are covered with paraffines and whatnot and actually add to clogging up the pores.
Aburatorigami is different – it’s made of just two ingredients: abaca leaves and actual gold flakes. And I’m a fan of minimalistic recipes!

An elegant touch-up helper: Japanese blotting papers.

You can get this luxurious touch-up assistant at the Tatcha online shop directly (as usual, not an affiliate link, you lot).

NB for Germany-based friends: I wanted to include a link to the German online shop, because ordering from the States is a bit tedious (you have to pick it up at the customs, a boring experience), but the shop in question doesn’t carry Tatcha products anymore, although it’s still listed in the brands list. Weird. Updates here.


Heat, moist air, sweat – your perfect ingredients to obtain the Swamp Thing’s hairdo!

I don’t know how you guys manage, but I’ve never looked like la BB when at the beach! Coifure ébouriffée?
Pah. My hair actually used to look like it was calling Cthulhu.

This is a real remedy!

But I’ve already introduced you to my go-to remedy which works well with my hair. And my hair is dark at the roots (and has an indecisive mongrels blonde ombré toward the ends). I promise, it works. It gives texture where it’s due, it absorbs what needs to be absorbed.
And it smells heavenly.


The easiest thing to prevent swimming pool copper from turning your hair a radiant green is not to go for a swim. Haha.
Or to play bouncers with it. “Copper, you can’t get in!”

To do so, wet your hair under the shower, comb it with a bit of your fave conditioner (a bit, you don’t want to lose slippery chunks of conditioner when swimming!) or hair oil, and then put your helmet on sorry, eternal earworm; so, put on your red shoes and dance the blues WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!?
Put. On. Your. Swim. Cap.

Body oil, face oil, hair oil – even perfume oil (it’s jojoba with essential oils of ylang-ylang, rosewood, lemon, frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, jasmine, grapefruit and cedarwood)

Then you’re pretty safe, and I think we can agree that swim caps look quite lovely today.

After you’ve enjoyed the fine chlorine odours to the fullest… rinse your tresses very, very carefully in the shower. If you do everything right, the conditioner and the tap water in your hair – as well as the swim cap – will prevent copper from getting into hair or onto the scalp. It’s always easier to prevent than to cure, amirite?

Happy Weekend, Adventurers!


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