So I bought the new & improved Scotch Naturals base coat…

Okay, so this is both an announcement AND a question for you, Adventurers! 😉


So, dear friends, if you remember:
As we talked about standard nail polishes just being toxic and the novelty water-based polishes as an alternative, I’ve told about my experience with Scotch Naturals (and how the colour came off during first hours, meeeh).

After that post went online and got lovely feedback from you, I’ve been told that the company launched another product since my purchase, one that secured a salon-quality hold! “Interesting,” I thought, “Non-toxic FTW!”

So I checked German online shops, and to my amazement and amusement found out that while the chic beauty shops wouldn’t carry the new fortifying base, an online store specialising in swimwear (!) would. Funny, non?

Anyway, I’ve ordered the new Scotch Naturals base along with the polish remover – pictured above. Now that my nails have reached a photogenic length, I’ve tested both products and photographed the process and wrote down all the relevant tricks.

Now I’m choosing which way to go with the tutorial. A Pinterest-style step-by-step thing? A post? Or a video?

Do tell!

7 Comments on “So I bought the new & improved Scotch Naturals base coat…

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  2. well, as we’ve explained before our Nails are Naked but we’re always partial to an instructional video…..


    • merci! you know, the thing is that the application of water-based polish and the removing of it are a bit different thinking. I now think that both tuts (vid+Pin) might complement each other.