Level up: Simplifying the beauty routine | Clean Beauty Rut #2

If you remember, I went moisturiser-free over a month ago. Find out why I think it was my best beauty decision yet!


Going moisturiser-free at an age when some friends start considering botox is not exactly what anybody who knows me has expected me to do. Really, it baffles people even more than my decision to go veggie, and even more than my vegan ventures.

In short, these are the reasons is why I started the test:
(1) My skin never looks better than during holiday time when I’m too lazy for a proper beauty routine
(2) Every moisturiser I’ve tried (and it has been A LOT, you guys, A L-O-T) worked for about 2 weeks and gave me either breakouts or oily skin after the course of those 2 weeks
(3) Whenever I’d use a face oil (not a silicone-based “dry oil”, mind you, a real oil) my skin would feel soft and smooth
(4) Peelings, scrubs and other more or less aggressive potions produced a real clean-up… of my wallet, because they needed to be balanced out with moisturisers, which – view #2…


Going moisturiser-free in summer is the best idea, actually. During the warmer days, intact skin (which mine still is, thankyouthankyouthankyou, DNA!) regulates itself pretty much. Just as with our hair, too much washing dries out the skin and gives you that unpleasant greasy glow you then fight with blotting papers.


IN THE EVENING: I found that cleansing my face properly in the evening (just a gentle certified organic soap + (5) my Konjac sponge, while my Talika face oil (3) doubles as makeup remover), it was enough to spray thermal water (2) and massage it with a clean cloth in the morning. Nothing else needed to be done. Yup, you read right: NOTHING. No cream, no moisturiser, not even oil.

ONCE A WEEK: The only “exfoliation” I treat my skin to is the Dr. Hauschka cleansing mask (6), which I apply weekly – on Fridays, to mark the end of a busy week – together with a splash of the Dr. Hauschka steam bath solution (1). I know, Dr. Hauschka didn’t design that liquid for this purpose, but it works well for me; might be a little too harsh for more sensitive skin since it contains alcohol.

Just six products. How cool’s that!? Zombie apocalypse made survivable – in style!

MAKEUP? WHY, YES: If I plan to use makeup – mineral makeup (4) that is – I massage four to five drops of face oil into the skin. Right now I’m using Talika‘s (3) but as I started, I used Skin & Bones which turned out too heavy for the face while still ideal for the body.

A lesson learned along the way: Liquid foundation, however eco and certified and whatnot, didn’t work. In fact, it was just as using moisturiser – my skin revolted. Only mineral foundation, only hardcore! 😉

And that’s really it.


So the bottom line is: I have less irritations, my skin doesn’t show any signs of aging, it’s in fact firmer and softer.
I don’t have any sun damage either, because my Everyday Minerals base is a great sunscreen (for the body, I use the amazing, zinc oxide based Badger Balm SPF 30 giving protection from both UVA & UVB rays).

Now, what would you like to change in your beauty routine? What’s your “too little” or “too much”? Do share!

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  1. I could not agree more. After crazy breakouts a few years back, mainly during summer, I saw my dermatologist and she told me women often over-moisturize – yes too much actually can do nasty things to your skin too. She recommended that I stay of cremes during summer
    months as my skin does not need additional moisture.. Best decision ever. Now all year round my skin sees only one product, Dr. Hauschka’s Facial Toner. My skin now works with its natural powers and never feels dry anymore like it used to. Highly recommended.

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