My 7-in-1 Nail Care Magic Wand (great for guys, too!) | Clean Beauty Rut #2

When it comes to nail care, I want my product clean, healthy + highly effective + easy to use. Good for me (and you!) that I found  what I was looking for.


UPDATE August 2014: IT’S BACK IN STOCK on > body care.

This is sad news, because this one was actually not just delivering but over-performing (other Talika products promise for example boobs gaining cups and lashes gaining milimeters, so…)

>>> For the TL;DR version, please scroll down 😉

Please meet: Nail Regenerator Serum, Talika. Talika are best known among beautyholics for their cult eyelash and eyebrow products packaged in the signature turquoise, glossy emballages. They have been playing this “cult cosmetics” card for a couple years now, but if you google their star products, you’ll see that the reviews are, well, pretty mixed.


Being critical with products is one of the biggest trends of 2013 and beyond – together with military-inspired wording, plant-based diet, power foods and peer power, according to the JWT 2013 trends study -, and so here are my two cents about: Why some women rave about products others are pulling to pieces. And I’m not talking paid vs. real review here.

You see, Talika’s cult products are advertised with really, really bold promises.
They say you’ll get longer, darker, curlier lashes (it didn’t work at all for me, I tested), rich, beautifully sculpted eyebrows (it didn’t work at all for me, I tested), and even bigger, firmer boobs (I didn’t test at all because it had questionable ingredients, but I smirked).

Yet in the same time, the brand carries other, truly efficient products that I’ve never seen them promote quite as much… Those are actual hidden treasures!
And sometimes I’m afraid they might get discontinued.


Yes, I do use products that are not certified organic. My criterium is the ingredients list – do you know how many certified organic products are out there that are just as bad as any petrochemical concoction!?

But I digress.

Here are my personal favourites:
-the exceptionally efficient Eye Therapy Patches – while these aren’t exactly a “100% clean” product,  I just put them on when on a plane as a sort of “compression patch” for the undereye area… and arrive as “who’s the fairest of them all”! I think I should do a tutorial on how to turn the plane into a beauty parlour,
-the Vital Oil Anti Wrinkles, a 100% natural face oil – Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Willow Extract, Mamee Oil, Carob Germ Oil, Essential Oils of Lavender, Rose and Jasmine – that regulates sebum production and softens the skin – UPDATE 2014: Wheat Germ Oil is an allergen, and verboten for me personally (read here why),
-and the absolutely immaculate Nail Regenerator Serum.


The latter should probably have been branded as Nail Regenerator Oil because that’s what it’s made of: myrrh, benzoin resin/extract, frankincense. Period! No fillers, no alcohol, no glycerin, no nasty chemicals – just a vegan, clean, palm-oil-free, easy-to-use 7-in-1 nail care pen.


The oils the serum is made of have very powerful antiseptic (benzoe and myrrh), anti-inflammatory and even analgetic (myrrh) qualities, are good for the skin and mind (frankincense), have a very bitter taste (you can’t bite this), and a natural, fine woody scent.
Talika doesn’t indicate, though, how much of which is used. And I’d prefer organic, too, but well 🙂

Remember to use within reason: with effects, side effects are also possible. Myrrh can irritate skin if overused, for example. 

Now for that 7 in one thing I keep repeating, which is not a Talika claim, but my own experience.

ONE. Nail hardener: yes, it’s the best product I’ve ever tried for brittle, dry and weak nails. While it is not technically a hardener, nails get more supple and flexible and don’t break easily. My nails become more prone to the wear & tear of everyday life and “survive” stunts they otherwise don’t.
TWO. Nail care oil: it’s the serum’s basical function – to give you a month’ worth of a nail treatment. I use it in spring and in autumn as a daily treatment, and have it otherwise handy throughout the year.
THREE. Cuticle care/ cuticle softener and remover: Whenever there are inflammations, minor cuts (paper cuts! ouch!) or just cuticlageddon going on, I found this was always THE magic wand. The anti-inflammatory serum works wonders. Dry cuticles just kind of peel naturally, too.
FOUR. Growth stimulation treatment: I’m guessing here – this is probably mostly due to the daily massage you are treating your fingertips to, but whatever works…
FIVE. Great prep for water-based polishes: If you remember my Scotch Naturals review, it is advised to prep the nails with jojoba oil. While I haven’t seen any improvement with that, the serum worked. I’m including it now in my (now running!) test of the new Scotch Naturals base that I bought, and I must say – wow.
SIX. Stop biting nails treatment: As mentioned above, it’s as bitter as any other product you could buy to fight nail biting. Throw in the healing abilities – and you’re set!
SEVEN. Natural shine without buffing: One of the healthiest nail polish alternatives out there is simply going bare. While buffing your nails can wear them out and make them thinner over time, the serum gives the nails a healthy natural shine as a long time effect.

Completely natural, practical (advice: make 100% sure the tip with the applicator sits really tightly, otherwise you’ll have nailoilgate in your handbag), easy to store and take with you, works even if you’re sporting a manicure.



Take care of really pushing the applicator tip into the unsealed tube, until it sits really, really tight.
If you’re wearing nail polish, apply the oil to the skin on the first phalanx only – it will work.


Discover the complete how-to in this convenient Pinterest infographics.

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  6. Oooh, I could really, really use this for nearly all seven reasons! I even wonder if the anti-inflammatory property could help with my heat blisters (or at least lessen the pain–it turns out that my sweat is so acidic that little water bubbles form under the skin as a reaction and I checked with my Doc who says that I just have to ride it out–I am using Argan oil when it is really bad and that seems to help).

    But I am also really curious about the Vital Oil–it seems like a (hopefully) less expensive option that the Rodin???

    • it’s a LOT less expensive. I believe it’s approximately 35 euros per bottle. it smells wonderfully of lavender, rose and jasmine. it even calms down some of my allergic rashes (smaller ones)

      I’ve never heard of acidic sweat before. the only thing I remember in relation to that is how a friend had that kind of sticky, fatty sweat and it got better after she exercised properly. get well, dear!!!

      • Thank you! I think it is a redhead thing–why perfumes so seldom last on my skin or change so radically. I have heard that from other redheads too. It only happens once a year when the heat hits hard and I just have to ride it out, I guess!

        • It bugs me how much they keep discovering on one side and how little we still now about the human body on the other.
          good luck with that riding out thing, I hope you have found a good doctor!

    • I mean it, I’m just ordering.
      In fact it occurred to me to finally rewrite this post as I discovered my “stock” has diminished. Gaaah!