Non toxic, non-nano, unscented sunscreen: found

Finally found: the cleanest sunblocker out there. Sun facts, INCI check, and a review.


UV protection; what an adventurous journey! Scientists suggest we get a dose of sunlight without sunblockers, in the same time they recommend we use a (non toxic) product for overexposure they prefer not to define.

But nobody, and this bugs me, nobody can tell you your exact dose! It’s not that you could walk out of your dermatologist’s with a prescription in your hand, saying: “20 minutes daily in a t-shirt outside, for any time longer, wear SPF30. Have a healthy bronzing!


Everybody is confused, editors, doctors, everybody I ask (and I don’t live in the realm of Sheagorath, neither)! How much sun is good for you? How much sun exposure gives you enough vitamin D? When do you need protection? What products to use?

So the bottom line is: Sunbathing is a constant act of balance between skin cancer and vitamin D deficiency; in your left hand – latest scientific research, in your right hand – common sense.

While I can’t give you guys a formula for your personal sunbathing times, sorry, I wish I could, I can put in my two cents regarding the sunblockers out there.

It seems some of them are highly dangerous – we’ve talked about this already – so the next question I hear a lot is: “Which sunscreen to use?”


Thanks to Google, and Codecheck and to EWG’s cosmetics data base my research for a non-toxic sunscreen didn’t cost me a lot of money, just a lot of research time.

I was looking for a product to meet these requirements:
>>>UVA+UVB shield
>>>Completely, indisputably toxin-free
>>>Free from palm oil (and that’s why)
>>>Free from “fragrance” (and that’s why)
>>>Minimum SPF 20/ maximum SPF 35
>>>Free from nano particles (and that’s why)
>>>Organic certifications or a recognisable clean approach
>>>No animal testing
>>>Ideally waterproof and sweat-resistent
Almost like looking for Mr Right!

The product I’m using now quite happily is Badger Balm‘s Unscented Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Cream.

It comes in a tube of 87ml/2.9oz at €14, I got mine at Ecco Verde.
It contains only 6 ingredients: approx. 18% non-nano + uncoated Zinc Oxide, certified organic Sunflower Oil, certified organic Beeswax, certified organic Seabuckthorn Extract, and Tocopherol  = Vitamin E from Sunflowers. It is not tested on animals, in fact, not vegan (but vegetarian, in case you’re confused) – but I figured I prefer to deal with beeswax rather than with palmoil. On a side note: I hear there is cruelty-free beeswax. Need to check that out!

It is unscented; its own scent is that of the ingredients (reminds me of a zinc ointment from the pharmacy ;)). The texture is that of whipped cream, it spreads heavily in the beginning – and better as you work it into skin. Once set, leaves the skin feeling soft and even somewhat powdery.
APPLICATION ADVICE: A thick layer will make skin appear pale, blue-ish in fact, so don’t overdo; I for example simply layer it.

And while I don’t like swatching stuff on my skin, in this case it is legit to show you how smoothly it spreads and how shimmery it then looks on the skin.



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  1. D

    do you still stand by this product as the best sun protection for the face and use it? (: or have you found something else to use?

  2. meta morfoss

    sounds so very good … unfortunately, am.a.z0n charges a whooping 76 euros for this stuff. the “baby” formula contains chamomile (which i’m allergic to) – but comes at eur 27.-
    am disappointed.
    with my upcoming winter vacations in the mountains, i do need a *good* sunscreen but have none found yet. sigh. onward to the next search, then …

  3. Heather in Arles

    Yipeee!!!! I have already told you that going without sun-protection where I live, especially at this time of year is a no-go for my red-headed self so THANK YOU.
    And I especially appreciate that there is not a hefty price tag attached either. Mucho, mucho gracias.

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