The beauty of words, movies, and craftsmanship

Today I have hand picked amazing things of beauty and craftsmanship that I want to share with you. Follow the white rabbit 😉


Do you prefer pictures or videos? Hurriyet of BOTANIC ART has provided both for her recent “Henna Night” project. Orchestrated in rich, dark, jewel-like reds and pinks, it takes us to unknown times and exotic places. On a loosely related side note: European wedding dresses used to be red (or blue, or black) before Queen V eventually made white a global trending topic.

Speaking of blood red and V (in this case for Vampires – no, no sparkling involved), Team Gloria has provided an insightful, delicious, mutlifaceted movie review of the epic vampire movie Byzanthium. Sophia, Team Gloria’s creator, has the secret superpower of crafting film reviews that focus on the universe of the film rather than on the mere storyline. #weadoreauniverse *bows*

Let’s go on, more wordsmithery and more vampires! Here’s an ode to the Night Lily aka Lys Méditeranée by Frédéric Malle by the most enigmatic Mr. Lanier. Because this is what perfumes are really about: a fantasy. A story. Enjoy.

Another good story that brings together dreams and aspirations and pictures of dreamy and abandoned places, was written by Heather of Lost in Arles (where you find lots more of most picturesque reports).


In the EU, 300 kilograms of food are thrown away per person – every year. In numbers it’s horrible 750 billions of Euros. Shame on you, Europe (and America; both are the biggest food wasters). But on the other hand, how is a consumer to have respect for a product that’s been mass-produced without any respect for such things like, I don’t know, environment, social issues, people’s health? What a vicious, vicious circle… 😦


BTW as I’m writing this, I’m nibbling sweet, fragrant, juicy local strawberries. I’ve sorted them as I brought them home – a very old-school thing to do, and used “weak” berries to make a quick topping (strawberries + xylitol + a hint of spices; cook up and store in the fridge) to add to granola, to home-made vegan frozen yoghurt, cake or waffles for an instant summer level-up!

strawberriesUpdate: I have found me an all-natural, certified organic Strawberry fragrance by now that you, too, should check out if you like a bit of “Swedish summer in your pocket”!.


To recap the perfume theme of this post… I’m an avid reader (yet a poor commenter) of these amazing perfume blogsOLFACTORIA TRAVELS and OLFACTORIALIST. I think both names are fabulous, and both ladies, Birgit and Lena (respectively) are deeply committed High Priestesses of the capricious Parfume Deity. I highly recommend.

During the Berlin Fashion Week, I’ve attended a few select presentations and two green fashion fairs. To wrap up this post with something local AND fashionable, here’s one of those amazing Berlin-based fashion labels that I hope will get the international success they deserve. Meet ISSEVER BAHRI, known for intricate handcrafted crochets and knits (vegans, kindly look away please; they work with real leather strings). Here’s a video of Spring-Summer 2013 – enjoy! UPDATE: The label was discontinued in 2014, and AFAIK Derya Issever has been designing for the German premium brand Dorothee Schumacher since.

And for those of you on Instagram – have you seen the adorable #followmeto project of a Russian photographer-model-tandem? Love story + great travel destinations was all it took to make it go viral in 2013. Read here the English language behind-the-scenes by the model herself.

Happy beautiful Sunday, Adventurers!

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  3. Love the scent of strawberries! Went today with my bike along several strawberry fields and this was truly the joy of summer!

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