Kahla’s Magic Realism

Adventurers, let me address something we haven’t talked about yet.
Not just what’s on your plate is important. What also matters is: where’s your plate from.


Kahla caught my eye a few years ago with their “tattooed and pierced” porcelain series: tea and coffee cups with tribal tattoo designs or actual piercing rings. Recently, as I revisited my kitchen utensils and tableware with my little “green and toxin-killer” eye, I remembered the brand. And I was pleasantly surprised.


Founded in 1844 in East Germany, made a publicly owned operation – a “VEB” – in 1952, Kahla has seen a bit of history. And since the re-founding in 1994, the company has faced the future adopting advanced green and sustainable technologies – and winning incredible 18 international design awards since.


Kahla porcelain is sustainable, fair and eco: all products are manufactured at the company’s own production site in Thuringia. The working conditions are fair. The porcelain is tested to make sure it’s non toxic; and has received accolades from the independent German Ökotest magazine that checks everyday products for toxicity. Kahla’s manufacturing processes are optimised to save millions of litres of water; modern technology helps reduce CO2 emissions; packaging and promotional material are made from recycled paper.

Talking about quality “made in Germany”! *thumbs up*



In a world where thousands of porcelain factories from China flood the market with their products, buying locally has never been as green, chic (the designs range from zen-like and geometrical to pop-artsy and to baroque), practical (dishwasher safe, microwave safe) and actually affordable.

One of my own beloved ELIXYR bowls, approx. €16 each (this series alone won seven design awards, including the renowned red dot award in 2005), ROSSELLA, my bad: CENTURIES napkin ring, approx. €10. Iif you look closer, it’s made of two tea cup handles. Cute!

Images of the KAHLA store in Berlin, Friedrichstrasse:

An amazing chandelier made of baroque matte tea cup handles. Clever!
TOUCH series: the velvety coating protects from heat, is really soft and nice to the touch, and is dishwasher and microwave safe. And fans of German cities can pick their favourite, too. (International cities are also available.)
Berliners can pick from several TOUCH designs. Yay!

If you’re curious, check out the KAHLA ONLINE STORE (Language selection per drop-down in the upper left corner)


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