Farfalla: More Natural Perfumes / Range Review #4

Adventurers, I’m still on the Quest to find healthy (= non-toxic) perfume options that don’t smell like a bunch of insense sticks. Read about my second encounter with Farfalla scents!


You might have seen my first test of Farfalla Eau Fraîches called Frangipani trees, Cassis leaves. Having verified with the customer care that all perfumes are strictly natural AKA not synthetic, I was more than willing to give four more of ’em a try. One of my fave online shops for organic beauty offered a set of 4 2-ml-minis: Anima, Swan, Nuvola, and Marala – and so I ordered.

In advance: these four are terrific. More complex, much more lasting than the two I’ve tested first. 


Top notch. Given the complexity and the non-insense-stick-yness of Farfalla scents, I was really surprised to discover how pure the formula of their perfume is. Sure, allergics would need to check the ingredients twice – but then they probably wouldn’t look for a perfume anyway.

As for all my other criteria (non-toxic, non-GM, no nasty synthetic ingredients, no palm oil and palm-oil-derived ingredients, no animal ingredients), they were met with flying colours!



Fruity and zesty with sweet and invigorating grapefruit, mandarine and orange notes, Anima is close to Frangipani and Pleasure, but less floral than the first, and with more substance than the latter. Woody harmonies tie the hesperidic sweetness and soft floral notes together. Holds fairly long.

The composition reminded me generally of sweet and mellow Parfumerie Generale and Montale scents. The dominant, crisp orange notes reminded me – on my skin of course – of Thierry Mugler’s Alien, even though Alien is way louder and edgier.


White roses in full bloom, iris, sandal wood and bergamot, vanilla and attar of roses create a geranium-like, almost aldehydic presence of freshly cut grass and flowers. After a while the scent develops into a powdery veil of iris and sandal. The most volatile of the four.

The head notes remind me of Honoré des Près “Nu Green” – grassy, fresh, and sparkling (even though a completely different recipe). Develops into a very lightweight, powdery, “white” iris veil not unsimilar to the woody iris notes in Serge Lutens’ “Iris Silver Mist” (of course minus “the Lutens harmonies”).


The mellow sweetness of neroli, bergamot and ylang-ylang on a sweet and seductive bed of vanilla and sandal wood. Nuvola and Marala hold the longest.

Reminds me of my favourite Balenciaga scent, the now discontinued 1998’s “Cristobal”.


A very distinct labdanum note dominates this juice. Sweet tuberose and carnal jasmine as well as tolu resin make this scent an oriental dream. Not too sweet.

Reminds me of Lolita Lempicka’s “Eau de Minuit” (if it was less sweet). 



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  1. Heather in Arles

    Oooh, verrry tempting. As I don’t like to smell like a cookie :), I am thinking that Marala might be the way to go??
    AND ATTENTION ALL BEAUTYCALYPSE READERS: Yep, I was the lucky winner of the Blyss/LV package and I am telling you–next time y’all need to play ball because it is awesome plus I had a great note from Mademoiselle BC herself! Just saying…

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