New logo, midyear goal check-up, and a tattoo

Dear Adventurers, Captain O. says: “July is here”. We all know it’s time to check with our 2013 goals (mine is: detox everything!) and to fine-tune our strategies.


I’ve stumbled upon this article on as I was actually checking my year’s goals and I think it’s a fabulous list of how to make the rest of the year great. A read I highly recommend!


My own goals – detoxing everything in my life, from food to beauty, from furniture to fashion, from people to bad habits, from time management to doing business – have been doing great, I must admit. Despite the fact that I’m having a crisis going moisturiser-free right now (and I’m to blame, I’ve used a liquid foundation – which is basically a moisturiser plus pigment, stupid!) and despite the fact that there’s still so much room for improvement, I’m happy.


I’ve reworked the BEAUTYCALYPSE logo, as you can see above.
It seems, and this is what actually is the most pleasing surprise of 2013, that more and more people get interested in BEAUTYCALYPSE (wow! gosh! thank you! and thanks for sharing, dear friends!), I’m having a few business meetings during the Fashion Week Berlin as a green beauty blogger, so I figured I needed appropriate business cards. Which you can see there, as well.
Yes, it’s tattoo stickers! Haven’t seen anybody make this their business card yet!

What do you think? Would you wear ’em? 😉




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