New: relevant health news round-up, lunch-break-friendly. Ready, steady, go!


Discovered on HuffPo: Scientists prove that even third-hand smoking heavily damages our DNA. Thirdhand smoke means that living in a flat that belonged to smokers/staying in a hotel room for smokers will add to your oxidative stress. Thirdhand smoke is smoke toxins sitting in the walls. This is yuk beyond words.

Eat vegs wisely: Research has shown that even harvested vegetables, e.g. the cabbage in your kitchen, still have functioning circadian rhythms. It’s utterly fascinating – in the same time it means that for max nutritional (and probably also for anti-inflammatory) virtues vegetables are best stored in the kitchen, allowing them to “see” the darkness-light cycle. Scientists also suggest we prepare our veggie meals in the morning hours. (German readers, check out this highly comprehensive German explanation on